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Cerazette - any luck?


Any tried Cerazette for endo symptoms? What have your experiences been like? I may have endo and so I’ve been prescribed the mini pill

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Yep, I've been on it since I was 15 (for 9-10 years) for endo symptoms and it did help with the pain and making my periods lighter...it's getting less effective with time for me, to the point where I have to have a laparoscopy soon, but I think everyone is different. Fingers crossed it works for you xx

Aaliyah16 in reply to mwill016

Thanks for that! I’m going to give it a go; my symptoms are worsening and I’m avoiding surgery as much as I can for now take care x

Alarna in reply to mwill016

Do u only get a lap if ur pain really bad or can i ask so I can deffentley no for shore what's going on

Aaliyah16 in reply to Alarna

My Dr was happy for me to have the surgery but I declined. I depends on each individual and the how the pain affects them. Depends on the Dr too. If you wish to have the surgery for the diagnosis I don’t see why they shouldn’t allow you to have it if you’ve been experiencing symptoms especially severe pain for some time

Hi there I don't have endo but diagnosed with PID in Dec 2015 and have info I g probs. Been on mini pill for 2 weeks now and in more pelvic pain than I was before. Seeing gyne on Monday x

Aaliyah16 in reply to Boodie

Thanks! All the best for Monday; hope you get a good alternative


I am on cerelle which I think is just cerazette with a different name. It's a progesterone only pill. I find that I don't have periods at all on this pill and so I don't get many of the symptoms that I used to. However as soon as I stop taking they will return. It won't cure it. :)

Aaliyah16 in reply to Hidden

That’s helpful - thanks! Even a temporary solution will be great cause I’m suffering daily!

Hidden in reply to Aaliyah16

I think the majority of people stop having periods or they are reduced at least, just because of the way that pill works. But that's not to say it works for everybody. I'd definitely say it's worth a try because if it does work for you it could really help you out for a while. But please don't forget that it's not a cure. You may still experience some other symptom. I don't have those associated with a period any more as I don't have periods. But I still get severed back ache, urine infections and I feel exhausted most of the time. So it depends what symptoms you find most problematic aswell x

Aaliyah16 in reply to Hidden

Thank you!

Hey it didn’t work for me at all, I just got severe side effects. I was on it for about 2 years but I still had heavy painful periods.

Everyone is different and I hope it works for you xx

I'm on Cerelle and it has helped make my periods much lighter and less painful which has improved my life so much. It took about 2- 3 months before I felt better.

Aaliyah16 in reply to sakura22

Is that the same as Cerazette??

It is just a different brand name for the progesterone only contraceptive pill. Cerelle is the same hormone as Cerazette.

Yes I took Cerazette for years and it was a massive help. I didn't have periods on it, so mostly no endo symptoms except for migraines and occasional tummy complaints. The only reason I'm not on it now is that I'm ttc...

It didn't agree with me. GPs told me it would 'cure' all symptoms... Its didn't.. All it gave me was depression and migraines. But everyone is different. Hope it works for you x

Aaliyah16 in reply to Lyz1224

I gave it a go and experienced numbness in limbs?? Guess it hasn’t agreed with me which is a shame; I was really hoping that it would stop my periods

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