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Extreme nausea

I've been having extreme nausea for the past 2 months with no vomiting, it usually starts when I wake up and lasts throughout the day. My breast also feel quite heavy and full but not sore or tender at all. My mouth is also producing a lot of salvia which is very random for me and I'm always hungry. Since the last time i had sex i have had periods for both months however the last one was not really a normal period for me. I took a HPT a week ago and it came out negative so I'm not really sure what this could be.

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Hi, is the nausea constant or does it get worst at certain times of the month? I used to suffer with nausea quite a lot and I believe it was related to hormone fluctuations. In my case it was usually worsts a few days before ovulation and a few days before my period. I think it could happen with endo. If you search on the forum for nausea , you will find quite a few posts about it. X


Hi, it's just been happening recently and comes throughout the day. I'll deffo have a look at other post to see if any one else has similar symptoms. Thanks x


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