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Severe nausea shakes and exhaustion

Hi all,

I'm new to this (my first post). After being diagnosed with pcos 4 years ago and Struggling with crippling pain for 3years i finally got diagnosed with endometriosis during a lap in july 2014. I felt great for 3 months but now its back and hit me so much worse.

I now have severe nausea and dizziness...shakes and i'm just so weak and exhausted. I also now have bad pain with bowel movements.

I'm really struggling to live day to day life with the nausea and dizziness and wondered if any of you ladies have had this and have some advice for me?

It's really getting me depressed now and affecting my job :(

Nicole x

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I haven't been diagnosed yet, got yet another appointment on Tuesday, this one is with another gynaecologist doc so fingers crossed, I might get listened to, any way I often feel sick ans also have very mild dizzy feelings, just feeling quite odd at times when I change my view direction, I don't have any advice I'm afraid, I'm on constant look out for that myself, but I do have a mint when feel sick or a dry cracker or biscuit, that sometimes works.

I hope you find some release from this soon



I can't begin to think how you feel, all I can advise is to go back to your GP & keep at it until something is done. I've not long been diagnosed, & still suffer with intercourse and have new pains deep in my cervix I never had & have been told they cant refer me until 3 months after my laparoscopy. So they should be able to help you! Good luck x


Hi. I was diagnosed with endo in 2012 as a chocolate cyst was picked up via ultrasound. I had a lap in April 2013 and had the cyst drained as it was 8cm in size and painful. I didn't know the relationship with fatigue and endo until recently (most women with endo seems to suffer fatigue to a degree)

A month after the lap, I woke up one day feeling dizzy... I thought it was a virus. Then more symptoms started. My eyes began to constantly ache, I had trouble focusing them but my prescription was as before and eyes tested fine. I had debilitating headaches.... Lasted all day and had them most days. I also developed internal shaking.... On the outside I wouldn't appear to shake, but all my insides felt they were. I was so nauseous I had to take travel sickness pills. I also felt like I had awful anxiety, (I didnt) and my heart would do some wierd papaltations on and off. I developed tinitus and also found sounds, reading, watching telly all an overload on my senses. Very strange. And the fatigue.... Well I had no energy to do anything. Was off work 8 weeks and even when I went back I struggled for months.

I had a barrage of blood tests, treated for all sorts of things, and eventually went to Neuro for a head MRI. Every test came back normal. In the end I had been dumped with the diagnosis of Chronic fatigue syndrome.

I'm not saying this is what you have, but sharing my symptoms incase you can relate? I am finding so many ladies with endo have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia or CFS.

Also, with endo your body is constantly in a state of 'inflamation' and I believe this is to do with why we get the faitgue, low grade fevers, feel so run down all the time.

I still have all the symptoms, but less than when it all started. My only way to cope is to get lots of sleep, rest more than normal, work part time (no way I could do full hours) and just pace myself.

I hope you start to feel better soon. And keep on with your gp for tests to find an answer or rule things out etc. X


Hi! I totally understand you. I have just recently been diagnosed. Im taking visanette for it and its making it worse!pelvic pain, leg pain, nausea, headaches! Im sorry you feel bad, you're not alone.


Hi.... its a bit like swings and roundabouts isn't it. No fun and I definately want to get off. I've found eating thin slices of ginger root(skin off) with apple slices eases nausea, at least for a bit...but I've also learned the hard way that some days are just write offs, and no amount of peppermint tea and ginger helps. I had some sucess with getting rid of the dizzyness which is just as debilitating...both nausea and dizzyness lessened when i radically cut out wheat/gluten/dairy/caffeine/soy but that only lasted 3 weeks, and now both have come back just as viciously.... . I recently ended up in A & E and they gave me some brillliant anti-nausea pills, so I'm sure your GP might be of some help. Anyway, good luck, Erin x


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