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Late period with hot flushes?

Hello all. I was dx with Endo in 2004, have had multiple surgeries and most treatments - waiting for a date for another excision lap so I can start trying for a baby.

I came off the pill 18 months ago as my cycle was destroyed after years of non-stop treatments. Initially I was only having a period every couple of months, but it has gradually settled. In the last 9 months it has been 28-34 days, but usually 28 or 29 days.

I was expecting my period on Saturday (that would be 28 days) or maybe Sunday and I've had all the usual build up (sore breasts etc). I started getting pain on Saturday and kept thinking it had started but it hasn't. The pain has continued, not severely but what I'd usually expect before a period. Then on Sunday I started with hot flushes - they're every few hours and driving me mad.

In my twenties I spent two years straight on zoladex and it caused me hormonal problems for four years after I stopped it, until I came off the pill. I was worried I might be starting early menopause - things have settled down and improved but I haven't had any ovulation tests done yet.

Has anyone had late periods with hot flushes? It's driving me bonkers!

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Hi, I had some but just after finishing treatment with prostap so I assume it was just that but they drove me mental too. For what I read Hot flushes could be due to hormone imbalances/ fluctuations and that might not necessarily be the menopause. It might just be the endo or something else, Ihave you done a pregnancy test?If you are worried about early menopause I think your GP should be able to run some tests and also check your thyroid function as that might also be related to hot flushes . X


Thanks - I did an online shop last night and included a pg test to be safe. Of course my period has started this morning and is excruciating. God I hope it passes soon .


Ive had trouble with hot flushes on and off, dr just says its to do with the endo and the meds, they are a nightmare! especially at their worst of every hour or 2! I hope you settle with them soon and this cycle is manageable for you xxx


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