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Hi there, after having a laparoscopy in December which they lasered away endo in my right side (the pain had always been to my left) I was told I also had a fibroid growing in an unusual place which meant they could not remove it. I also was told I have pelvic congestion syndrome. All 3 of these things are what has been causing my heavy bleeding and pain. After further discussion with my consultant I decided to try the coil as this can help settle endo but won't do much for the fibroid & PCS (apparently having induced menopause is the only thing to shrink the fibroid) anyway I insisted the consultant fit the coil as last time I had this I was in a lot of pain and persevered for 2 years. I went last Thursday expecting to be in & out however after excruciating pain and a heavy bleed the consultant could not do it. She has said I will need to be put to sleep and she will get me booked in asap. I am still feeling sore after Thursday and just wondering if all this is really worth it! I hear stories of people who swear by the coil and others who have struggled like me. I have to say my consultant has been brilliant and I trust her 100% just wondered if anyone else has had this problem getting the coil fitted. Thanks

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I had an awful time with the coil.. I had it 'fitted' after endo ablation... I was in excruciating pain daily, doubles over and sometimes nearly passing out. Then the strings went missing so I had a scan to check it was still there. I battled on for a whole year of agony - my consultant refused to believe it was the coil causing this pain. I eventually stood up for what I believed and demanded it was removed. The strings were unobtainable in the dr's office so I had to be put to sleep to have it removed.... When I woke up the pain was gone... It was like magic! I personally won't go there again because it wrecked a year of my life that I won't get back. Good luck love!

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