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Back to back pill

Have been on regividon back to back for 6 months as my gynae believes that I am riddled with endo due to an emergency c'section. Apparently a hysterectomy isn't an option and they want me to have a coil fitted but I'm not keen.

Just been to see my gps nurse and she feels regividon isn't suitable for me due to BP levels, more headaches than usual, constant breastpain plus my weight.

Has anyone found/used a better back to back pill?

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Hi - I'm not sure what your gynae means by saying he/she thinks a c section has caused you to be riddled with endo and why in any case they are only considering hormone medication. You are only required to consider medication for 3 to 6 months and if this doesn't help your pain the the next stage is a lap.

Endo can form around a c section scar but you would have to already have it elsewhere, most usually involving the ovaries, tubes and behind the uterus.

I suggest you request referral to a speciakist centre as you seem to be getting inappropriate treatment. Hormone meds have their place but often mask the progression of endo and you need to ensure this doesn't happen. Click on my name and read my post on how to access a specialist. x


Definitely ask to be referred To a specialist, if he thinks you have endo he Should at least do a laproscopy to diagnose it and remove it, I've not found that hormone contraception really works as I've been on the patch back to back for 12 weeks and it's not done much for pain. Plus if you want a hysterectomy the drs should talk you through the pros and cons not just outright say it's not an option.

I hope you get sorted soon x



Like the others have said, get yourself to a specialist. You need to have had endo in the first place for it to grow around a scar!

I have been using cerazette as part of my treatment which is a back to back pill. It doesn't get rid of it, but helps to keep it under control. Ive just come off of it, so about to find out how much it was doing!


Hi I am on the decapectyl injection and microgynon back to back. This is working for me I have good bp and my weight stays around the same. I wonder if it is adhesions you have around your scar and not endo.


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