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Merina implant concerns

So I just stared doing some research on the merina implant and it's side effects. Everywhere it says that it is highly recommended that you do not get the implant until you have had your first child. I'm currently 15 and got it when I was 12/13. I'm really scared that I won't be able to conceive kids in the future and that I will face a lot of miscarriages. As far as I am aware I im one of the youngest to get the merina and I was wondering if anyone else got it around my age and had trouble having kids.

I was given the merina to reduce my period flow which used to be a month on and then a few days off before I got my period an for the same amount of time. It use to be really heavy and in the few years I have had it I had one large cycle straight after the operation and then spotted a total of two weeks. I'm really happy with the result but am not conserved about the long term sign affects.

Any feedback would somewhat put my mind at rest.

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Hi, I'm sorry you are going through this at such a young age.

From the research I have read the infertility issues some women experienced were due to contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) either before or after the insertion of the coil. So provided you did not have a STD before insertion and if you are sexually active whilst the coil is place you use condoms to prevent a STD you should be ok.

With regards to the recommendation that women have children before having a merina coil inserted this is because insertion and removal of the coil can be painful if the person has not had children. For this reason women who have not had children often have the coil inserted and removed whilst under a general anaesthetic, ie they are put to sleep so they won't feel it.

However if you have any concerns speak to your GP.

Best wishes, Jo


Wow, 12 is young to have a coil. I was started on the pill at 12 and been on it ever since (27!).

As other poster mentioned, I think the only reason it's not always considered for people who haven't had children is because insertion can be more painful. I think opinion may be changing on this though as a lot of doctors seem perfectly willing to give it to people without children. I don't have children either an have a Mirena currently.

So I wouldn't let that worry you, especially if you are getting on well with it. That said, definitely have a chat to your doctor if you're worried.


Hi I have a mirena and I'm 36 no kids yet the mirena i was told is used to help endo and is much safer than the old copper coils they used to use which didn't help endo at all apparently. they used to say you couldn't have a coil unless you have had kids but that's not the case anymore. Yes your young for a coil I'm surprised they suggested it but if it's needed then try it, I had mine put in during a lap as it's not a comfortable procedure and smear tests are painful for me personally. It's not a quick fix so please don't expect it to work straight away. I was bleeding a lot like you and it's worked for me but took months to settle, I hope it works well for you .


Thanks it really put me at ease now knowing there is a chane I can have a kid even though I have the merina.


What about a cervucal cap or sponge. I give u so much credit for not going on the pill which causes more issues in many women. Listen to women on this site and kudos to u for joining!


Always think twice before putting a foreign object into your body..just because a Dr. recommends it, doesn't mean its safe and or effective or comes without complications. I had Essure done and it caused me issues like many other women and I had to get my fallopian tubes removed. Taking the pill which has been around for a century, is one of the safest options. But all these new birth controls that they insert in your body are just too risky. Besides, you will need to use condoms with any new partner anyways, and at your age, it's not safe to say your partner will not give you an std. Honestly, I would try and get mirena removed and take the pill, condoms. And remember to view your body as a temple.


I had my first mirena fitted at 19. And had no issues with being pregnant. I had my last one removed at 32 and used condoms until I was 33 and we decided to have a baby. I became pregnant first time trying. It wasn't till after I had that baby I had problems caused by the emergency section that I then Was told I had endo. I am know pregnant with my second baby and again it was the first time trying. There's nothing to say your going to have any problems.


For those of you who think I'm wanting a child or I'm sexually active I am not. I was just curious cause I had read something online that said I couldn't which caused me to become curious and worried.

Thanks for all the help


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