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Pregnacare Conception Vitamins & Endo & PCOS

Hello All,

Sorry this is my first message on the board, and I am hoping for some help and advice.

I was diagnosed with PCOS and Endometriosis when I was 18 and now being 24 I want to have a baby.

Has anybody taken the pregnacare conception vitamins whilst having endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome?? If so, has it worked? Made it worse?

Thank you all!!

xxx ps hope you are all feeling well today! xxx

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Hi Ellie, I don't think there is any reason why the vitamins should create any problems. Good luck. X


Thank you very much, I will keep an eye on it & see what happens - hopefully I will get the best news :) xxx


I found they helped make me more regular and stopped the breakthrough bleeding. I think they're a good idea as they support your body with the vitamins you need for pregnancy. Currently 39 weeks with number 2. I take conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Good luck! Xxx


Thank you! I am hoping they help... Congratulations on baby number 2...I suggest sitting in a freezer today, you might get a tad warm elsewhere! X


Hey, I have endo and adeno. I was on prostap/pill back to back for two yrs.

Came off the pill mid may, stopped a lot of pain killers and started pregnacare preconception.

I feel much better - no break through bleeding or after sex, regular periods, more energy, sleeping better, brighter mood.

Few small negatives

- put on 10lb initially (have now dropped 4 of those!), this may be partially the vits/increase of appetite coming off tramadol/most likely hormones readjusting with coming off the pill.

- Skin breaking out more.

Other than that I'd say everything's much improved. I take mine with my evening meal so no nausea or anything.

I'd say if you experience any increase in pcos/endo symptoms it will more than likely be due to stopping other meds.

Hope this helps, good luck ttc xx


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