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Endo & PCOS - Major Weight Gain


Hi Ladies, does anyone know of any good websites or books for Endo and PCOS diets. I follow a fairly good diet plan but my weight is piling on (I have gained 6 pounds this week!) and I exercise a lot so it shouldn't be gaining at this rate - please help ladies it's really starting to affect me, I am going on a beach holiday & being a friends bridesmaid in September and really worried about not fitting into my dress and hating being in a bikini :( xxx

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Hello Elwood,

Apparently PCOS affects insulin as insulin and testosterone production are linked. It means that we just store fat/carbs and don't actually use them. So we crave carbs/sugar and still feel exhausted whilst getting very fat. I take metformin. It's a diabetic drug and it's given me my life back! I no longer constantly crave sugar, I don't sleep 16 hours a day and if I make the effort I lose weight! It is normal to be prescribed this drug for PCOS so don't feel silly asking your doctor for it. Best of luck :) and there is no set dosage, you need to find how much you need and more isn't necessarily better. I take 500mg twice a day I think. Xxx



Us ladies with PCOS respond really well to a foods that are low on the glycemic index. I found this really helpful.


I agree with Metformin being very useful too.

Best wishes,


I went to see a nutritionist who has suggested to cut out sugar and also increase my good fat and protein in my diet as a way of maintaining my blood sugar level. I would end up eating sugary things as a 'pick me up' as I felt so tired all the time even though I ate relatively well and exercise 3+ times a week I also struggled to lose weight. I have done it for 3 weeks and am feeling so much better and have lost over 7lbs. I'm eating more nuts and seeds and ensuring I have good fat and protein at every meal. Like someone else has mentioned, it's kind of similar to low GI foods. I have cut out wheat, gluten and sugar. Have increased nuts, nut butters, seeds and dark green leafy vegetables. The henrietta norton book - taking control of endometriosis is a great book. I'm also thinking of getting The functional nutrition cookbook: addressing biochemical imbalances through diet. By Nicolle and Bailey. I have some recipes from that book which are really helpful. If you want anymore specific information then let me know :)

Thanks for coming back to me Ladies, I'm so frustrated because I follow a high protein - low refined foods diet as a general rule, and it seems at times that I swell up because I am a different dress size each day! :( I have been on metformin before, I didn't get on with it very well at all but maybe I should try again.

Follow gluten free, sugar free, diary free, diet and avoid red meat. it seem you cant eat anything but indeed

you can :) fresh white meat and fish, green vegetables the darker the better, and have gluten free carbohydrates every 5days it will speed up your metabolism, and avoid caffeine. Also you would probably

would need to look at some supplements to improve your insuline sensitivity. And take lots of good fats

fish oil is a must, avocado, coconut oil. This diet works for me, give it a go! Good luck

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