Conception success after laparoscopy?


I'm new on here, and I'm hoping for some advice/info sharing.

I've just been diagnosed with endometriosis after trying to conceive for 14 months. Last Wednesday I had a laparoscopy, a hysterscopy D & C, a cystoscopy and a dye test. I was diagnosed with stage 2 in severity and stage 3 in distribution, located outside the uterus, in the pouch of Douglas and on the surface of the rectum. Luckily, the gynaecologist managed to surgically remove all of it, and has advised us to try to conceive naturally for the next 6 months. However, our fertility specialist is keen for us to start with IVF, as my husband and I are both 36 yrs old. We're now very undecided about whether to wait to see if we conceive naturally, now that the endometriosis has been removed, or to go down the IVF route asap, if it means increasing our chances of conceiving.

I was wondering has some advice they could share with me about endometriosis and TTC, either naturally, or via IVF?

Sorry for the long message, I hope someone is able to share their experiences/info.

Many thanks :-)

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  • No experience of this, but just wanted to say good luck, what ever you choose,

    That's good news he has been able to excise it all, congratulation,

    Hope your recovering well,


  • Thanks! :-)

  • Hi there,

    Diagnosed stage 4 endo at 25, adenomyosis 27. Told would need ivf at 27 and that if no kids by 30 would never have them! Didn't get a chance to ttc due to constantly needing surgery until age 30 - I flipped when they were going to send me for 3rd major and said I wasn't going to have any more until I at least attempted ttc!

    Now for the good news - I managed to get preg 3 times within 4 months of trying, 2 early mc, currently preg.

    We were basically trying whilst we waited for baseline tests/surgery. I couldn't have sex much due to pain so became a bit neurotic with charting - have to say it really helped. Took temp every morning and logged this with endo symptoms, cervical mucus etc. You can download charts online, ovulation tests a waste of money. Did the whole lying down after sex and orgasms before and after lol We also both gave up alcohol completely, changed to healthier diet and both were on pregnacare preconception multivitamins. God knows what worked!

    I think considering you're 36 if you are getting Ivf funded on the nhs then go ahead with it as their cut off point is 38. Depending on where you are you are allocated 1-3 cycles. If they will fund 2-3 you are definitely better to start now as it all takes time. If you are privately funding I would give it 6 months and try implementing a few changes, that coupled with the work done in the lap could be the difference you need. I would definitely give yourself 6-8wks min to recover after the surgery also as you want to be in tip top shape for an implantation and early preg is pretty rough as it is! Good luck x

  • P.s. Infertility network is on health unlocked - great for info on ivf etc. but don't get too involved in it - it's too stressful an atmosphere to be reading every day or two and you get a bit absorbed in everyone else's situation. Focus on what's right for you and your hubby x

  • Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriages, but that's great you're currently pregnant, congratulations.

    I think we'll try naturally for a short while and see what happens.

    Thanks again, and good luck with everything :-)

  • Thanks and it's no bother. We felt very apprehensive about ivf nhs waiting lists/potential private costs. And it can be very disheartening when docs are negative. We have 2 family members who were told similar to us and both went on to conceive naturally as well.

    Don't give up hope, your time will come. X

  • Thanks for your positive feedback, it's been great to hear and gives me hope :-)

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