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Recently diagnosed with Rectovaginal Endo


I have recently had a laparoscopy and have been diagnosed with Rectovaginal Endometriosis. Any other people have this as well and what’s the outlook?

The doctor is wanting to start me on prostap injections which I’m nervous about as I don’t tolerate well with hormones but I will try anything. Since the Lap on Saturday I’ve had serious backache that won’t ease with any painkillers, is this also normal? I can’t sit or or lay in bed comfortably. Thank you for taking the time to read and answer questions xxx

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Hey I had this!

However my endo surgeon excised it with the assistance of a colorectal specialist. So can't help with hormone advice.

Back pain, yeah it's from how invasive the lap is, lots of tendons / muscles have been moved and pulled; it'll take time to recover but just take it easy. Took me about 3 weeks to be okay, but I found simple yoga stretches really helpful from 2 weeks. Just keep doing little movements. I found sitting on the sofa curled up helped with lots of cushions :) x

Pink_Moon in reply to farahziya

Thank you for replying, yes my Endo surgeon excised it all as well and said to prevent it from growing back to start me me on a chemical menopause. Have they not given you anything to try and stop it from coming back? Hoping for any other ideas instead of the menopause!

I’m currently sitting on piles of cushions 😂 thank you for your advice and I will try simple stretches in the next few weeks ☺️

farahziya in reply to Pink_Moon

i don't do well with hormones so for the first time in my life I want to try this hormone and painkiller free! Just the idea of chemicals and what it's done to me (mentally and physically) doesn't make me want to go back on anything.

My specialist is happy with no hormones as my symptoms reduced by about 90% rather than the expected 50% so all is good. He also likes to see his patients at about 6 months and 1 year to see what their new "normal" is and whether hormones could help in the long run with any remaining symptoms rather than just giving them straight away as sometimes it can make stuff feels worse due to the side effects and not knowing whether the excision has actually helped - kind of scientifically you only want to change one thing at a time to see the effects before changing something else.

Hormones can help some women but for others (like me) the side effects were horrible. Chemical menopause is I've read a good way to help though rather than say the pill. It also gives a good indication as to whether ovary removal could be a treatment in the future. It's something I may have to look at if another excision doesn't help but for now I'm happy to have another lap in the future as it's helped me.

I currently have monthly massage and aromatherapy with a specific mix of oils before my period, which helps so much. I'm looking into acupuncture as I'd like to go painkiller free.

It'll come back whatever we're given, some things can slow it down like diet / hormones / exercise but ultimately it will. Endo needs oestrogen to grow and spread; we all produce oestrogen even without ovaries, all mammals do including males therefore it will always grow. Obviously less for some than others.

Just take your recovery easy, it can take about 5 months to recover, and hormones can make that feel longer. My advice is to have an appointment booked in with your specilalist at 5 months-ish to chat about how things are going, often that's missed and referred to your GP. Stretches and listen to your body - if it hurts stop. Belly massage is good too to get fluid, gas and intestines working, just gentle circles, but maybe wait a few days, you can use almond oil as a massage base x

Was it a diagnostic laparoscopy or thorough excision?

Pink_Moon in reply to StefaniaJW

It was excision, all endometriosis was removed during the laparoscopy.

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