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Endo on bladder and cystoscopy hydrodistention yesterday

Hi girls

Hope you are all as well as can be.

I had my second lap in march and my gynae con removed endo from everywhere apart from my ovaries. I had endometriosis on bowel and outside of bladder all of which was removed. I had bladder symptoms also, blood in urine, burning when urinating but no infection so my gynae con did a cystoscopy to see if I had endo in bladder but he said when he went in he couldn't do anything as the slightest touch to the bladder wall it started to break and bleed and said I had interstitial cystitis and thought seeing a urologist would be best.

My urologist did a cystoscopy and hydrodistention yesterday and the surgery was a breeze compared to my last lap that lasted 3 hours and was absolute agony. I got home and all was good until 7pm last night and throughout the night it just got worse and worse until 4.30am I ended up ringing the ward in tears and I never cry but the pain was unbearable. I had taken 8 50mg tramadol and 6 30mg codeine and dicloflex, which usually help my pain but it wasn't shifting this. The nurse told me to take the last 2 tramadol and if it doesn't ease I have to go back into hospital. It has Eased a little but still in so much pain.

My symptoms are blood in urine and clots (sorry for the to much info) for some reason I have started bleeding like I'm on my period but not enough to be my period and that's clots too.I'm worried as I had the endo removed from my bladder 3 months ago and had my bladder stretched yesterday that is has done something to the outside of bladder where the endo was removed hence why I've started bleeding.

Has anyone had similar problems?

Sorry for the essay, to many meds and no sleep for 30 hours

Any advice would be fab xxx

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I'm sorry that I can't advise much as I haven't been through this - however I do know that bleeding and clots from the bladder are very common after bladder surgery. I would definitely recommend getting looked at though - it could be an infection causing the uterine bleeding and / or the bleeding from the bladder. Your GP should be able to give you some stronger painkillers short term (ideally oramorph) - call them today and ask for an emergency appointment, and get them to do a urine dip test too. If you are atill in as much pain, go back to the hospital x


Thanks for the reply hun. I took some sleeping pills and after being awake for over 40 hours I managed to sleep. Thought I felt a bit better after a sleep but I'm still in quite alot of pain and still bleeding. Typical it's the weekend now and gp aren't open till Monday. I'll see how I go and ring hospital if things don't get better.

I didn't think it would be this bad. I thought I'd be back on my feet now but still in bed suffering.

Thanks for reply hun xx


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