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I am 2 weeks post op on Thursday and I constantly feel the need to urinate! It is so u comfortable and have just finished a course of antibiotics for a urine infection, it does not seemed to have made a difference at all! I have diathermy to Ablite the endo from my uterosacral ligaments and couldn't leave the hospital because I did not urinate naturally after the operation, I have to have a catheter due to not urinating for 9 hours post op. I managed to go naturally after the catheter was removed but ever since then I still feel the need to frequently pass urine. Is this normal post op? Or is there something else that needs looking into and should I contact my gp?

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It is possible it is a urine infection as these are quite common after a catheter. Perhaps you need to be on a longer and stronger dose of antibiotics. Best to see your GP to investigate further.

Best wishes, Jo


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