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Hi lovelies!!!

I have my follow up appointment coming up and I've written some questions down to ask my gynae but I'm stuck for what else. I really want to be prepared. What sort of questions did you ask?

I write a blog if anyones interested :)

Thank you,


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This will be helpful for me too, I have my next appt in Nov but still don't have really any understanding after the lap :)

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ImogenRose in reply to Clover123

I did a YouTube video on this if it’s helpful lovely my channel is ‘Imogen rose’ but if you search my name with endometriosis it should come up... how did you get on with your lap? Cx

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Clover123 in reply to ImogenRose

Thank you! They found endo all around my ovaries and ovarian fossae (not sure what this is) and they were all stuck so I had them burnt off. I had my lap early morning - one of the first in! So luckily got to go home about half 12. I was still high on the drugs I think as was ok that afternoon and couldn't sleep but then next day struggled with pain and moving. Especially struggled with bowel movements and bleeding for about two weeks and that was so painful!! How was it for you??

I have just followed your blog! Your experience is very similar to mine, I'm due my first laparoscopy on 6th October so hoping I get some answers xx

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ImogenRose in reply to Georgia03

Hi Georgia! Thank you! I’ve got some YouTube videos on my experience if that’s helpful.. add me on Instagram too I’d like to see how you get on! How was your lap? Sorry I’ve not got back to you xxx

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Georgia03 in reply to ImogenRose

Hiya, no worries! I will follow you :) my lap was ok they found Endo on my pelvic wall, that Is all I was told so I’m waiting for my follow up appointment on the 3rd. Recovery was painful especially the gas pains. I had to have my stitches took out as they didn’t dissolve but they have healed well. It will be 3 weeks tomorrow and I have been feeling much better and back to work on reduced hours. However today I’m feeling pretty rubbish and the pains are back. Hope you are ok xxx

I would ask what stage the endo is (minimal to severe), whether there are nodules (as these can cause more problems I believe), if any adhesions (this comes into the grading), whether your tubes or ovaries are affected. Then about best treatment for you-depends on if TTC or not (if so hormonal treatment not usually appropriate) if so whether surgery to treat the endo is needed.

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