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Initial Consultation - Advice Please?

Tomorrow, after months of waiting, I finally am going to see a specialist.

Please could someone give me some info on the rough goings on at an initial appointment querying endo...?

is there anything specific I should highlight?

I'm just feeling unsure as I have no idea how long the appointment will be, what will be asked, discussed etc..

Thank-you in advance.

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Good luck!

I would print out and fill in the questionnaire for doctors consultations from endo uk.

My first consulation the dr said i don't think you had endo and when i asked why he said the symptoms i'd explained didn't sound like it. I then went on to list everything as didn't want to be a pain and by the end he was telling me he thought i had extensive endo!

He was a specialist!

My point being is don't be scared to talk. I would list your symptoms head to toe of all your body parts so you don't miss anything and if they say they don't think it's endo ask what they think it is and what they would reccommend you do.

Try and take someone with you as you will be nervous so they can help you remember what was said and write down your top 5 questions so you find out what you want to know.

Be brave. Don't doubt yourself, you know your body and don't be scared to ask for what you want...say i'd like to have a lap to rule out endo etc.

I took my boyfriend, he gave me courage to speak! I questioned everything as was so desperate and got booked for a lap though they doubted I had it. I got diagnosed with mild endo with severe pain in Jan and now on treatment.

I think if I hadn't been pushy I still wouldn't know- being brave for those moments can make all the difference.

Good luck and let us k ow how you get onxxx



My Mum is coming with me and I'm definitely not scared to ask for what I want!

My Dr already is convinced it's endo so it'll be interesting to see what the specialist says.

I don't know what my top five questions would be yet (I'm not much of a forward planner!). I'm sure my Mum will ask some things. I won't leave there without understanding everything that was said though!

I'll have a look for the form, thanks again!


hi ..... be your self write down your questions and take them with you .... they will ask you about the pain you may be going through where the pain is how long you have had pain and about your periods xxxx

the appointment can last up to 15-30mins

you might be examined by the specialist

i hope you get the answers you are looking for and remember its not the specialist in pain its YOU xxx

take care and good luck for tomorrow xxx




Hey, this blog post might be some help :) endostar.co.uk/2013/02/12/g... Good luck with your appointment x


Hey how did you get on today with the specialist i hope all went well and you got the answer you wanted

take care xxx

shaz xxx


He's giving me a lap! Late July, early August.

He said he thinks I've got Regional Pain Syndrome & Musculoskeletal Disorder. He said he could get my doctor to refer me for something to do with those.

He said that he doesn't think it's endo but something's definitely not right.

If he was sure it wasn't (like he said) then why would he give me the lap?!

He confused me a bit but I liked him.

He said that the implant (which I have) is a very good treatment for endo but he's told me to keep it in for the lap - even though it usually means you can't see endo if it's there.

All a bit strange.

Guess it's just the waiting game again...

Thank-you for asking x


After being examined by the specialist yesterday I've had a bit of bleeding today. I'm on the implant & have been for most of the last four years & I've never had spotting once (even after examinations). Is this okay? Or should I be concerned?


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