31 weeks pregnant & pain

Hi all, I'm 29 years old and 31 weeks pregnant with our first baby. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 15 years old after reading an article in a magazine. Since then, I've gone through operation after operation and ended up having some of it cut away. My endo is wrapped around my bowel and has stuck my lower organs to my pelvis. During my last laproscopy, it hasn't moved to my ovaries etc but that was 5 years ago. Since falling pregnant, I've been hopeful that I'll get through it unscathed but my normal endo pain seems to be coming back. I was admitted last weekend to Bath RUH for preterm labour but luckily nothing happened. All the midwives and GP's just tell me it's impossible for the pain to be endo pain because I'm not having a period - I used to get pain anytime of the month before! Has anyone else had similar problems? My consultant is at another hospital as we moved away so unfortunately I am not under his care. I take tramadol as my normal pain relief but haven't had any since my stay in Bath. How am I meant to know what is endo pain, and what is labour pain if labour feels like period pains?! Any help!!

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  • Hi - first of all congratulations on your pregnancy and I'm sorry it is being marred for you by pain. The lack of knowledge of medical professionals with regard to endo is astounding. Endo is fed by a type of oestrogen called oestradiol and it is true that this takes a back seat when you are pregnant and so pregnancy can temporarily halt endo and the inflammation process involved. But you have adhesions (scar tissue) gluing your organs together and this is real physical tissue that has nothing to do with oestrogen. As your uterus has grown this will be stretching the adhesions and causing them to pull on all the structures they are attached to and this is likely to cause considerable pain that won't ease until you have your baby. I think it is something you are going to have to try and cope with as you do need to be careful what pain killers you take - only take them if it is absolutely confirmed they are safe during pregnancy even though you are now well on. And don't use hot water bottles. Are you wearing a pregnancy support belt to support the weight of your uterus? I do hope thing go well and you have your lovely baby but if afterwards your symptoms return can you come back on here as you will need referral to a proper endo centre to have your endo addressed. x

  • Hi - thank you for replying! Tell me about it. I'm astonished by the lack of support. I had a great GP at home, and a really good consultant. But I've since moved and it's gone downhill! I don't take pain relief normally, but I do use a hot water bottle as the pain radiates in my back and down my bum. I don't ever put it near my tummy. Unfortunately, in lieu of pain relief, the heat is the only thing that helps. I'm so worried about how labour might be given the pain at the moment, but no one seems to want to discuss this with me. Have you had children? What is the difference between the endo pain, and labour pains?

  • Yes I had one child but I never had any endo found until well after that when it grew after a hysterectomy under the influence of HRT. At the time of my pregnancy I had severe backache in the first trimester and it ultimately turned out my endo would have been just a nodule on my back at that time. I was in labour for 15 hours with my cervix only half dilated so had to have an emergency C section so was spared actual labour but the pain was pretty bad and I had to have an epidural. But you are in a different situation with all the adhesions. To be honest it will depend on how easy your delivery is and everyone is different. I know they haven't been listening but you will have endo in your Pouch of Douglas and the back of your vagina/cervix will likely to be glued to your bowel and it may well be that your cervix won't dilate normally. If you click on my name I have a post on POD endo.

    I do think it is very important that these medical people fully understand your situation and even though you are now in a different area I think you should get an opinion from your previous consultant as to his views regarding your delivery. You can see any consultant you want and whilst it might not be practical to arrange an actual referral I think I would write to him and remind him of your endo history and the fact that your organs were found to be glued together. Detail your pain symptoms and concerns regarding a normal delivery if your cervix is involved with adhesions and ask his advice regarding labour and the best form of delivery for your baby in view of the pain you are in already. You could obtain copies of the reports sent to your GP from him after the last lap and include them to remind him of who you are. I really do think it would be wise to be ahead of the game on this with some back up from him rather than just worrying and relying on the consultants you are seeing to understand the reasons if you do get into difficulties. x

  • Thank you - that's really helpful. I'll speak to the GP today and try and get a referral or something. It's hard work! X

  • Have a look at the links at the bottom of my post on how to find a specialist as to your rights to a second opinion. That post relates to finding an endo specialist that you might need later on but the links might be helpful now. You can tell your GP that 'Good Medical Practice' and 'NHS Choices' allow you to request a referral to your previous obstetrician for advice. I'm just concerned there might not be time but you will soon find out when doing Choose and Book. Obviously it would be great if you could get to see him and you could then ask him to write a letter to your new consultant detailing your history and to be vigilant to any potential complications. x

  • Hi I can relate I am also 31 weeks pregnant and I still have a degree of pain now. I actually said to my consultant 2 weeks ago and he agreed with me that baby was probably lying or pushing on to some endo that couldn't of been got. Congratulations on your pregnancy xx

  • Hi Dolly, congratulations to you too. What pain are you experiencing? Are you under consultant care? X

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