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Endo pain when pregnant

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I’m interested how people have found their pregnancy in terms of pain? I’m only 11 weeks roughly but am still feeling all the same symptoms and pain as before. I’m hoping that as time goes on I may have some relief as walking is one of my biggest issues as it’s so painful. I dread to think as I get bigger how I’ll be! Just wanted to hear of others experiences x

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Hey, I'm undiagnosed currently so this is just my experience. But pregnancy was slightly better for me, not completely though. I did still have back ache and pelvic pain, which went down my legs. But you can get pains from just being pregnant so I never knew what was going on lol. But my symptoms were reduced, not gone but more manageable xxx

Ah that’s interesting, thank you for replying! Currently I don’t feel any better. I’m just concerned how I will manage further through the pregnancy. The consultant told me symptoms would certainly improve 🙄 even though I’ve told him that at this present time they haven’t! Just have to wait and see what happens I guess xx

I think certainly is a bit over confident in my opinion, they might improve, for most they do but there's always those few cases where things don't improve! I have fibromyalgia as well so I'm not sure if that was flared during and causing pain, or the pregnancy caused pain or the possible endo lol but either way I definitely still had to take painkillers and was struggling quite a bit by the end of my pregnancy. I started off so well, came off all my painkillers and was determined to do it without them. But at 11 weeks I started bleeding with the stress of the pain, and the consultant said if I continued I could cause just as much harm as the painkillers! So I got past 12 weeks (that's when the painkillers can cause bad issues) and then ended up back on them :( my son was sadly born addicted, but the hospital were amazing and very supportive. Do what's best for you babe, have a good chat with your midwife and consultant, there's definitely options for you so you don't have to stay in pain for 9 months. Even if it's just adding some extra paracetamol or something, or a very low dose codeine? Xxx

Ah this was really helpful thank you so much! Yeah I think I can cope at the moment but it’s as I get further on I’m worried how I will be! Especially when working full time it’s hard going. I think I’ll have to have a convo with my midwife about it, they didn’t actually know I had Endo at my first appointment xxx

I hope I didn't freak you out! I always forget that my experience might be a bit scary to a pregnant woman! Hopefully things will ease up for you love, be kind to yourself and just take things one day at a time. Extra hot baths, Epsom salts are amazing for aching muscles too so use them as much as possible! Also having your partner give your back and legs a rub can't hurt 😉 anti inflammatory food might be a good idea too :) I wish I had known about it when I was pregnant. All definitely worth chatting to the midwife, and she def needs to know you have endo! Xxx

No not at all! I’d much rather people be honest anyway that’s what I’m after! It’s a weird time isn’t it you’re so on edge about the pregnancy so to have the Endo to worry about on top of it can be a bit overwhelming! Xx

Hi ChloeI had hurrendous pain early pregnancy. I can't decide if it was endo or from developing OHSS with the IVF.

I wasn't diagnosed with endo until early 40's.

That's a good point, there's pelvic issues you can develop during pregnancy so definitely make sure your midwives know everything you're experiencing so they can rule that out xxx

Yeah I hadn’t really considered that. I know I have got a cyst so I suppose that could be contributing to it as well! Xxx

I do wonder wether it will change the further I get but I’m also realistic! Did it ease further into the pregnancy? X

I have had period pains throughout but not as bad as before but I’m 10 weeks now and the round ligament pain has started so you could be experiencing that. I remember it from my little boy and with him I couldn’t walk for a week or so but then it eased off. With my little boy, I did get a lot of pains in pregnancy and a lot of contractions towards the end and period pains but it just meant that I found what turned out to be a difficult labour really easy! If you haven’t got a pregnancy pillow, you could try that, t made a big difference to my pain, they are amazing!

That’s interesting, I mean walking has always been one of my main problems with my Endo anyway I can’t really walk as it causes pains down my legs. It seems to have gotten worse lately my left leg in particular constantly feels like something is on a nerve like a trapped nerve or something. I also am getting a sensation in my pelvic area when I stand from sitting or move in bed as if something is tearing inside. Hopefully it may ease.

Funnily enough I was looking at pregnancy pillows yesterday! I may have to get myself one ☺️

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