Pregnant with bad pain

Hello guys how are you all?

I'm looking for a bit of advice or help really.. I have recently found out I'm pregnant which I'm so happy about. I'm quite scared because of my endometriosis. I've been getting a lot of sharp pains and burning sensations which make me feel off because of the pain. Just wondering if anyone has been through this very early on and should I be worried? I have been very bloated so may be that but it feels different to usual. The doctor has advised me to book the midwife for my first assessment in 4-6 weeks time which I'm a bit scared about going that long with no help and I'm worried something might go wrong. Can anybody help or advice me please.

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Congratulations! How far along are you? You can always make an earlier appointment for some peace of mind, with a midwife or an obstetrician.

Thankyou and only 4 weeks

That's very exciting. If you're ever worried you can see your midwife/doctor and get some reassurance but I am sure everything is okay :) good luck with it all xx

Thankyou, these comments have made me feel a lot better x

I had a lot of pain in my pregnancy with my son - I was undiagnosed at the time but I definitely had symptoms of endo. The pregnancy was difficult but he was eventually born at home on his due date.

With regards to waiting to see a doc - this is standard for everyone, I'm afraid. This early in a pregnancy if something is going to go wrong there is unfortunately nothing they can do so you just have to ride out the first few weeks and hope for the best. I know it's hard and wish you the best of luck for the next couple of months. x.

Thankyou very much! X

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