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Help! Bloating for over a month!

Ive had lower abdominal swelling / bloating along with the pelvic region for weeks. Its so swollen it is uncomfortable. I have gone to the doctors weeks ago for this and bad a CT scan of abdomen and pelvis. They did see ovarian cysts and something that suggested a ruptured cyst. Since then it has gotten worse. I have regular periods. No chance of pregnancy. Negative urine sample for infection. Normal CBC. I am also experiencing pain/cramping and pressure in the swollen area. Increased urination. And sometime I have to apply pressure to empty bladder. Any thoughts or guidance would be helpful.

I'm a 22 year old female, I have had ulcerative colitis and pancreatitis in the past. Both of which are under control.

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Have they mentioned a laparotomy to check for endometriosis? That won't show on a scan


A scan won't show endo and I also have a large swelling (mines only on my left side) which is caused by my endo. My GP thought it was hernia.

Could it be that your ruptured cyst has got infected? I have a friend who this happened to and very similar signs, I believe they cleared it with antibiotics but I can't remember.

Hope you feel better soon x


Request water tablets and drink plenty plain water. Ask for a hysteroscopy to check inside with a camera. I've had mine done this week and it's just uncomfortable on the bladder but doesn't hurt. Sounds like endometriosis . Persevere don't let them brush it under the carpet if your not happy go to gp for professional guidance. This is my experience I'm explaining to you and hope you get well soon.

Outcome for me now is provera tablets three times a day. With waiting now for results


Hi Kay

A CT scan is usually not be very helpful in identifying endo and it sounds as though your GP isn't yet going down the road of suspecting it. Normal or 'functional' ovarian cysts will usually resolve on their own so finding 'something that suggested a ruptured cyst' needs pursuing. This suggests a possible ruptured endometrioma which is a cyst caused by endometriosis and you only need one to have endometriosis. These cysts actually take some time to develop and will usually indicate endo elsewhere.

You now need to take a methodical approach to take charge of your treatment plan. First I suggest you learn as much as you can about endo to see if you identify with the symptoms, of which IBS is one, especially if it flares up worse at period time. Click on my name and have a look at my first post on endo and its many possible symptoms and the one on Pouch of Douglas endo to see if you identify with any of it.

I then suggest you ask your GP to refer you to a specialist endo centre - have a look at my post on how to get to see one. There will be quite a wait so in the meantime keep a diary of all your symptoms across the whole month so you have a detailed history to take with you. x


Also have been experiencing increased fatigue.


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