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Result from my GP

Hi Everyone inc Lindle...I had an extended appointment this afternoon to go through the report and discuss referal to specialist from findings of Diagnostic Lap and hysteroscopy...We had an indepth discussion on findings (she was absolutely horrified as to the remarks made by my consultants registrar)... I went armed with all the paperwork about NHS Choices...BSGE Endo specialist centres and all the info on NHS Standard Contract for Complex Gynocology-Severe Endometriosis...didn't need any of it even though I had it all she was absolutely fine after explaining about these centers etc....she was not adverse with the fact that having a hysterectomy would not cure severe stage 4 endo and the clinical guides was excision (NHS Standard for Complex etc paperwork) she was very interested and I left her this paperwork ...I explained that I was having a private consultation with a specialist in Sheffield through the BSGE and depending if he can do what is required then referral will be needed and she said brilliant no problem at all...do you need a referral now did they ask for thisl? no not at this time I said they haven't asked for one..If he needs one get him to call me...let me know how it went make an appointment to see me after that and if he wants a referral for you to have this desired complex excision surgery I will do that for you to have this done on NHS ASAP... shame you have to go some distance wish we had one of these centre's under our NHS umbrella.... are you happy to see him privately because I can do a referral for this...I said it was fine for me to do this and pay for this as I wanted to start the ball rolling as it may take some time to get a consultation appointment through her...she was absolutely brilliant very sympathetic...she said I should write a letter to my consultant and put all the paperwork in that I took today explaining that hysterectomy was not a solution..she looked at his accreditations and mentioned his clinical interests was endometriosis...she said suggest that the hospital and private clinic that he works for should become one of these accredited specialist centers because it sounds absolutely brilliant and I wished I had heard of these said centers before today..I said I.don't know what he will make of that?

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Well, I guess the first reaction has to be 'wow'! Isn't it something when we have to educate our doctors but how wonderful that she took such a positive line and was clearly happy to be educated and most importantly will now be able to apply this to other patients under her care. I hope she passes her new-found knowledge to the practice as a whole. I guess she may have missed the point in what credentials a consultant would have to have in order to head a centre but she's clearly really taken this on board. I hope things move on swiftly to better things! .


Well done to you it takes a lot of courage to finally have a frank discussion with your gp and educate I also did the same if we can encourage others then hopefully we can spread the message and others in the future will not have to suffer and fight like we have. Xxx :@)

Good luck sharon

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I know Yazza I wasn't very skeptical before I went thought it would be a challenge but she was lovely...I was so chuffed RESULT :) just to see endo specialist on 27th June and see what he can do with all my endo problems then we are half way there :)


I'm going in for surgery tommorrow I've had to do an advanced recovery bowel prep 4 days fluid only but the team at chertsey seem on the ball I'll update when possible. X

Warriors together. X


Good Luck fingers and toes crossed for you my lovely :) ooooooww advanced bowel prep are you going to be alright with that poor you xx


I'm already empty roll on sleep time tommorrow . X


Congratulations and well done for having the courage, conviction and education to speak with your GP and get the results you both need and deserve.

With so many woman on here battling with unemapthic GP's and so called specialists with antiquated and inaccurate knowledge and recommendations regarding this horrible disease my heart sinks.

It's so nice to hear a positive, proactive and supportive approach to endo for a change.

I hope it all goes well for you, Jo x


Thankyou confusedandworried I'm so glad it went well onwards and upwards :) xx


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