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Diarrhoea after Sigmoidoscopy

Hello all,

I had a sigmoidoscopy on Monday, and have had very bad diarrhoea since. I do suffer with IBS, but anything I eat is causing it. Its got to the point where I am limiting the amount I am eating. I do have anxiety problems, but I just wanted to check if this has happened with anyone else and how to cope with it.

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Emily - I have been reading your posts and it seems that so far all that has really been considered is IBS. But this is a symptom of endo as it is hormone related. Endo is an autoimmune disease and involves multiple body systems as well as the reproductive system - immune, endocrine and GI. So just addressing the GI system trying lots of different diets could have disrupted things without looking at the condition as a whole. This recent experience is probably related. In answer to your concerns about endo not being found at a lap, unfortunately this is all too common as a first lap is usually done by a general gynaecologist who might not recognise all manifestations of endo or might not be qualified to thoroughly search hidden areas. So treat this as a start of a journey but if you are told you don't have endo and your symptoms continue to suggest it take charge of your treatment plan. Click on my name and have a look through my posts as they might help you identify symptoms and get proper treatment. Also take medications with care as they can disrupt your liver which is very important in hormone regulation and they can put more stress on an already stressed immune system. Natural methods of relieving stress are better such as yoga, massage, beathing exercises, music...anything that makes you feel relaxed that doesn't involve the chemicals in mediactions that can only disrupt your liver and endocrine system more. x


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