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hey, I was diagnosed with endo a year ago after years of extremely painful periods and latterly just serve pain. I've had a lap and diathermy. The pain subsided for a couple of months and the. Returned. I was the. Prescribed the menopause inducing drug.. 6 months of minimal pain however horrific hot flushes. Now I'm off the injection and back to square one.. I've had 5 periods this month alone, constantly feel bloated and I'm in agony , I've also developed this extreme fatigue . Totally dehabilitating . I've been prescribed amitriptyline, naproxen, co codamol and paracetamol. I've tried many painkillers and still nothing .. Not even the above cocktail of pain relief works.. I'm so fed up .. I feel that I'm getting no where with my gyne.. Who constantly tells me he doesn't understand why I'm in so much pain as I only have minimal endo and I should be experiencing pain outside of my period week.. Can anyone give me any suggestions on pain relief and what to do??

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First I would say if your gyne is saying these things to you, I would get a new gyne, if you have been diagnosed then you are intitled to go to a bsge centre of special its, go to you Gp a request a refferal,

It dosnt matter how much ENdo you have, pain from endo dosnt work like that, did you have your Endo removed, excised,

Have you tried the pill or coil,??



Thank you for your reply! And I'll look into the specialist because quite honestly I can't go on the way I am.. I had diathermy but it quickly came back.. I've tried the pill .. I'm reluctant to try the coil.xxx


Diathermy ?? Is that when they burn, laser the endo, if it is, the gold standard of treatment is now excision surgery, this means they cut the endo out, from deep into the root, and is supposed to a better chance of not reg rowing, you can still get more endo,

I think a specialist surgeon only use this procedure now, I would get a referal to a specialist.

Good luck


It is. And it lasted all of about 4 months, hardly worth the year long wait for it. Thank you very much I've found a specialist that happens to practise at the same hospital! Thank you for you help


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