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Breakthrough bleeding

Hi ladies,

Just after a bit of advice...

Been suffering wver since my periods started but things have got a lot worst these last 7-8years....eventually diagnosed with endo in January. My consultant said as a first line treatment to take my contraceptive pill continuously without a break for 6months then he would review things. I am on Yasmin and have been taking it religiously! I still suffer with terrible lower back and abdo pain most days but it is generally slightly better...however I have been worst today and have had fresh red bleeding with clots...

I don't know if this is normal when u continuously take the pill?

Has anyone else experienced this? My hormones feel a bit all over the place and haven't had a period since January!xxx

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That was my first treatment to , I didn't bleed but my doctor warned me to expect it so it's nothing to worry about :) I haven't had a period since October , if your hormones are all over the place I had to change my pill type 3 times before my hormones were under control but I'm all settled now and had my first lot of laporoscapy laser treatment yesterday :)


Aww thank u ladies...I suffer with anxiety too so I had gone off into complete panic mode!! So Reassuring to know that it is normal!

Before I had been diagnosed with endometriosis it took me years to find a pill that didn't cause me terrible hormonal cystic acne! I still get some breakouts but no way near as bad so I'd be worried about changing pills!

so what happened with u after the six months of continuous pill? Do they just carry on with that? Iv got consultant next month x


Hi, I'm 7 months into taking the pill back to back & had a lap 3 months ago, I am currently still having a period/break through bleed (which started about 4 weeks ago), I also have had dull abdo pain as well but hoping it's going to pass soon!!xxx


Thank u for sharing ur experience...I had gone into a bit of a panic last night, especially coz this time it was a fresh red bleed with clots whereas usually it's browny like the start or end of a period. It's reassuring to know that it's quite normal and that I'm not alone...so thank u 😊

Has ur pain/symptoms got better since the lap?x


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