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22 yr old feeling very low about endo & false menopause

Hi all

New to this site but hoping i can get some help.

22 yr old just diagnosed with endo on my womb & bowel including adhesions, 2 big 2 be removed so going through "false menopause" to hopefully reduce the size on my womb.

Have been struggling for 8 years with pain & only diagnosed now, but since starting th injections i have been feeling very low & depressed. Really considering stopping this treatment so want to know has anyone stuck the injections out & had positive results.

Really feeling low & desperate todAy so any help much appreciated.

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Hiya :-) I'm new to this aswell. I'm 30 years old and currently undiagnosed awaiting an ultrasound. I get lots of pelvic pain right down towards my tail bone. Constant dull ache. My GP thinks I have endometriosis. I'm sorry I can't help I just wanted to reply to give you some company! I need some too! X


Don't be disheartened just think of the injections as a means to an end! I've been told the same as you and am getting my 1st injection tonight-I'm totally dreading it but am trying to get my head around the fact that this needs to happen first then hopefully a more permenant treatment can be considered. Have you thought about maybe starting on some vitamins or some homeopathic treatments?? I think I'm going to look in to what you can take alongside to help with the low mood situation as I feel depressed enough as it is!! Hope you persevere and get some relief from your symptoms. Xx



Do you mean Zoladex injections?

In 2005 I had ovarian cyst removed which where 8 and 9 cm in size and endometriosis which was attached to the fallopian tubes and bladder.

They didn't know how bad it was until they were operating and I was under for over 3 hours.

I then had Zoladex injections every month for 6/9 months. And yes it was HELL!! BUT stick with it. :)

I have never felt so ill and tired and down.

I got really bad insomnia which then mucked up my Thyroid (I suffer with hypothyroidism). The hot flushes were horrid and also the moan swings.

It also mucked up my sugar count so I felt sick a lot and the only thing that stopped it was sucking boiled sweets so I put on weight.


It was SOOOOOOO worth it. :]

I then went on the micro30 pill, 3 strips one after the other and then a break of only 5 days and then slowly got it down to one strip with a break of 5 days.

I have scans every now and again and so far the endometriosis has stayed away (touchwood it stays that way). :]

Keep with it but you may need to talk to your boss as I had a lot of time off work as was only getting to sleep at 5/6am.

But it does effect everyone differently.

On the plus size my boobs went up a size...... which was nice!! ;)

I hope this has helped you and not worried you more. Looking back I really do think it's worth it but didn't feel like it at the time.

Take care

Sammi.x. :)


I can so relate. took long for me to be diagnosed as well. Gp kept saying i have IBS. whaaaa ??? pains got worse over the years; GP saw me one day and i looked like hell; In the shock she had to reffer me to the hospital. so i can imagine your relief atleast knowing what you have and finding ways to deal with it. i was on the injection first, yes not sure why but it makes you really depressed, constant panic attacks. For me i had to stop by the 3 rd dose- i felt like i was going a little mad. There wasn't much support around either. I feel your pain... :( x


Thanks for all your replies. Its been a very long process for me, countless amounts of trips to the docs, a&e & also hospital stays so its very draining. Hard to keep positive when in so much pain & the added hormones going crAzy.. its such a horrible dieases & when i tell someone what i have they make mock as they dont know what it is, im lucky i have a few great friends, great boyfriend & a great boss that understand what im going through. Just not something a 22 yr old should but thats th card i have been dealt. Thanks again x


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