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Had a lap op this Wed and lots of endo removed. Feeling so low. Can't stop crying. Is this normal?

Feeling so depressed and low. My husband is trying but isn't able to understand and in the process is being a bit rubbish. Please help!

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Hi, I also had mine on Wednesday too. I feel quite low and emotional, I haven't started crying but feel close to it a lot of the time. I know the anesthetic can have that effect on you but also I guess our hormones are all over the place too. Hope you feel better soon xx


Just feeling like I've been hit by a bus of misery! I'm so worn out! I know it's to be expected but just finding it sooooo hard today as I was feeling reasonably ok yesterday. Feel like I've taken 5 steps forward and 10 back! I'm really doing my best to look after myself, rest and be positive but it's just not working today. My head feels like it's going to explode!!!! :(

Hope you're feeling ok Lemmi?


I do feel a little worse today too. I also have fibromyalgia and M.E too so feeling exhausted is a daily thing for me but today I am feeling even more worn out. I think with it being dark and rainy all day here that probably hasn't helped. Xx


Post-operation depression is extremely common- it might ease up in a few days or weeks of may continue and if it really is affecting you --and your family having to put up with you, then pop in to see you GP who can assess the depression and will probably put you on a course of anti-depressants for a few months to help you cope with it as your body recovers and heals.

It happens with all types of surgery - there is some suggestion that it is therefore a side effect of the general anaesthetic - but also the trauma you body has experienced.

It is normal and so it is vital you don't ignore it if it is annoying and troublesome.

Help is most definitely available from your GP. They may not be experts in endo- but they certainly will be very familiar with depression.

Many many of us have been through it - myself included and I can vouch for speeding up getting well again with anti-depressants. You can recover on your own- but it can take a might long time - even years, so anything that helps speed up the recovery is certainly worth trying. Don't suffer in misery and think you will be better tomorrow- it doesn't work like that. Even with AD tablets to take every day -recovery can take a few weeks before you notice what a big difference they can make to your well being.

Definitely see your GP in a week or two if it hasn't noticeably improved.

Wishing you a speedy recovery from the OP and the blues.


I appreciate your time and support but I've been on AD's before and don't feel this is the right path for me at the moment. I'm aware they work well for many people but I think they only treat a symptom and hide the cause of the depression. I'm feeling up and down but am using alternative therapies and natural therapies to deal with the cause of my depression, in which I believe more people can benefit from using, rather than turning to drugs (of any kind, prescribed or not) to alleviate symptoms of something that is causing a mental illness.

Thank you for answering me in my time if need.


I myself had a severe depressive reaction to the diclofenac I was given to take but this is a very rare reaction (1 in 100,000) and was probably associated with my extensive family history of Bipolar/Depression so please don't stop taking yours unless you see your GP first as its a very rare reaction.

As Impatient says, depression after surgery is very common and something we hear spoken about on the forums very frequently. If you don't want to go on antidepressants as a first port of call you can ask to be referred to talking therapy like CBT which is free on the NHS.

There may be a waiting list and waiting times vary but they should be able to tell you how long if you give them a ring. Your GP can give you details of your local CBT NHS providers so you can get in touch.

I myself benefited by having someone to talk to (as well as switching pain meds to something else on the advice of the GP surgery nurse) and friends are great to talk to sometimes but if the things you want to talk about need to be kept confidential you can always call the samaritans - they are fab (and they are not just for those with suicidal thoughts, they are there to listen to anyone who needs it).

so there are a few options open to you *hugs* and we are always here xxx


Thank you.

I'm def not going on anti depressants, I have before and find that they only treat a symptom rather than dealing with the cause of the problem. They do work for some people, but I do believe in finding and working on the cause. Which works better in the long run than just immediately treating just a symptom.

Thank you for your time and support :)


Good attitude, just remember that if the cause is biochemical rather than psychological then antidepressants may actually address the cause. However I definitely prefer to try talking therapy first. I hope you are feeling better soon x x


Yes I'm aware thank you :) I'm a healthcare support worker and have worked with a wide spectrum of mental illness, and I'm a carer for my mum who has bipolar.


Wow... I am a community health worker specialising in emotional Wellbeing with a lot of experience in mental health (title is "health trainer" but the title is misleading.. I am not like a personal trainer nd a lot more like a support worker) and I am the primary carer for my dad who has bipolar.... X


It can be tough can't it? But I'm constantly campaigning for a better public and professional understanding of mental health and mental illnesses. Whilst I try to look after my own ;) Just been a really tough week for me but it's good to know I've the support of others, thank you all



Hi!i had my lap and endo surgery two weeks ago and for the first week all I did was cry:/..as everyone has said its side effects from general anaesthetic .you should be fine shorty :)get well soon x


Thank you


Thank god it's not only me! :)

Feeling ok today, but it can hide it's self very well sometimes! Hoping to get out for a little walk tomorrow which I'm hoping will help. A stressful time of year anyway, I'm also a carer for my mum, family and friends have been really helpful but there is a lot of stuff they can't help with or just don't understand. So I looking forward to getting back on track. Plus I'm supposed to be going away for two weeks in late Jan to do some charity work. Fingers crossed :)

Thank you soo much for your time and support.


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