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Mirena coil v's zoladex

Evening all, Ive been to see a gynaecologist tonight privately. He's suggesting I give the mirena coil a go but I've only heard bad things about it. How does it work on endo and fibroids? Has anyone got anything positive to say about it? I'be tried the mini pill and the combined pill but have had continuous bleeding with these, will I just be the same with the coil?

The alternative is zoladex injections, far more expensive but I know they work as I've had them previously. Xx

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I didn't get on with the coil at all. I bleed 20/28 days. Zoladex I have had post hysterectomy I felt pain free but I had an allergic reaction to it. If you have had Zoladex before and it's worked for you I would recommend it above the coil the pain and bleeding was far worse than the allergic reaction to the Zoladex.

It's only based on my experience and everyone's experiences are so different.

Hope it helps


I have the Mirena and at first I had heavy bleeding - for weeks, then it became spotting and eventually that lessened (by about 4 to 4.5 months in)... Now I have very light bleeding at ovulation time and period time. Compared to my before-Mirena bleeding it's like a walk in the park, so speak. In that respect I am extremely happy with the coil.

During period time I do have quite bad mood alteration - anxiety/depression. As it's only for some days and I know what it is (hormonal) I'm dealing with it. I had the same experience on the bcp towards the end of taking it for 10 years, so I guess I must just be one of those that gets that type of side effect.

From an endo pain perspective, I'm on the fence as to whether the coil is actually going to prevent it worsening as it hasn't entirely stopped my periods. I think I'll know more once I've discussed my post-lap symptoms with my consultant. It's hard to tell what I'd be like without it. At the moment I'm going to continue with it.

I haven't tried Zoladex so I can't compare, but I think everyone's experiences with the coil differ... One of my best friends had a bad time with it (she also had endo), but even she encouraged me to try it as if it does work then it is quite a good option.


Hi I had the coil fitted in July 13 it did not stop my periods what so ever.I was still heavy bleeding continuous for 14 days.Then in Feb this year as going to the loo it just came out sorry if it is to much info.I have now since found out why the reason it came out is that i have adeno and endo.I am now awaiting a hysterectomy and on the propstap injection which i see from lots of other peoples post that this injection works the same as Zoladex.I had my 1st injection on 27th April 15 and have still not felt the benefit of it yet still in lots of pain and also got upper body aches and tailbone is hurting lots since having the injection.I am alos on hrt for the side effects.Good luck on what you decide xx


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