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Internal itch and pain on left lower tummy

Hi everyone

So, I had a lap in Jan. Before the lap I had a pain on my lower left tummy. After the lap it didn't go away and I still have it. If I press it it doesn't hurt and sometimes feels like it's itchy inside my tummy. A weird sensation! The pain sometimes goes down my leg too. The lap only showed probs on the right. My left tube wasn't " working as it should" but they're not sure why. No blockages.

I'm wondering if anyone else had this type pain? And could it be a nerve pain and the problem is on the right? X

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Hi - it sounds as if you had a 'general' lap that probably didn't venture beyond the reproductive organs, but you can have endo behind your uterus that can cause pain down a leg, usually on the left. Click on my name and read my post on pouch of douglas endo to see if you identify with those symptoms.


Hi lindle. You have hit the nail on the head with this one! I have all the symptoms and my notes from my operation mentioned adhesions on the rectual passage. I'll be sure to raise this with my gyne when I see her. Thank you for a very informative and through article x


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