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Unsuccessful Op!

Hi all, I was due to have my laparoscopy yesterday morning. When I woke up I was told it had been unsuccessful and that I should be kept in for observation. A few hours later I was in extreme pain and my abdomen was rock hard and swollen. I had further surgery last night to repair what turned out to be two tears to my small bowel and a very bruised large bowel. Has anyone ever experienced this!? I'm being kept in hospital for observation now, and turns out I do have mild endo at the back of my womb. Having a horrible time of it at the moment!

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Not really got anything to say that will help but I am due to have mine on 19th June I'm so nervous. Have u had any surgeries in the past? I've had 2 c sections and been told I'm high risk x


Hi there no I've never had surgery before. Please don't take my experience as a reason to be nervous, from what I understand this is pretty rare and sounds like it's just been botched.. X


Hi, sorry to hear your going through such hell. I haven't heard of it happening but my consultant warned me being my lap last month that there was a small risk that organs may get damaged or bruised in surgery. I am presuming that this happened in surgery? I would ask to be refered to a endro specialist for future surgery. Someone who is more experience.

I really feel for you. This must be hell for you. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Xx


Hi there, I was warned that there is a risk of damage but it's the extent of the damage done which is (I've been told) unacceptable. I'm home now and recovering after 6 days in hospital. You're right it was during surgery and I'll definitely go to a specialist from now on! Thank you for your well wishes x


Hello, when you signed your consent form before the first surgery did the consenting surgeon discuss with you that this might happen? I mean the tears and the bruising? Any possible complication should be explained before surgery otherwise the consent is not informed. Why did they say that the surgery was unsuccessful? Did they mean it had gone wrong? These are just some questions you might like to ask. I really hope you are feeling better soon and get some answers. Good luck xx

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Hi there,

Yes I was told there was a small risk of those kinds of complications, but two tears in small bowel and bruising to large is quite a lot and (I've been told) is pretty unacceptable. I'm not sure what they meant by unsuccessful but it is quite clear that they must have realised I had damage as they sent me on to another hospital for observation right away. Thanks for your well wishes, I'm home and recovering now! X


Yes sorry to say this is risk with any pelvic surgry but I've never heard it called unsuccessful before !when you feel a bit better ask for an explanation for the tear in your bowel that's the least they can do.

I wish you a speedy recovery


Hi there, yes I'm still not really sure what they meant by unsuccessful, but it's become pretty clear they knew they had caused that damage there and then. At least we found out after the second op that I do have mild endo, I'd have been really frustrated if after all this I'd had no answers. Thank you! X


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