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Upcoming lap and feeling nervous :(

I have a lap booked on 19th June and to be honest I am so nervous. I have read a lot of stories on here of your experiences some good some bad. I'm kinda hoping after the op I will be all good and no longer suffering. However I know that may not be the case. I have 2 toddlers to come home to after my op and a supportive husband but I have no clue how I am going to be after and how long recovery is? I have been told my lap is High risk due to my 2 c sections which has scared me even more. If anyone is or has been in a similar situation please send some advice My way!

Thanks x

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Hia! I'm so pleased you're having a lap. You'll feel like a new woman after. I had mine in dec, and have had a previous csection. They found a load of scar tissue adhesions in me from my section where my uterus had fused to my bowel, as well as a boat load of Endo too. When I woke up from surgery they'd snipped the adhesions and excised the Endo, and whilst I felt a little sore from the incisions i was in much less pain than before. I didn't realise just how much pain I had been in. it was the best thing I have had done, and I really hope you have a similar experience. Would do it again in a heartbeat! My kids were 6&8 when I had it done so a little older than yours. After two weeks I was feeling much better although tired and after three weeks I really did feel like I was over the op. I would say for the first three to four days make sure you've got an adult there to help you. There was a lot of pain in my shoulders after the op, in fact that pain was probably worse than the pain for the actual operation. I recommend drinking peppermint tea or peppermint cordial to try to displace that. But after 3/4 days that had gone.

Other than that i'd just recommend getting as much sleep and rest as possible. i found a direct correlation between the amount of rest I got and the reduction in my pain levels. Good luck! Xx


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