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Nervous about upcoming excision op!

Hi this is the first time I wrote ion here!

I got my letter yesterday for my op which is in 3weeks. I have been found to have stage 4 endo with a frozen pelvis, I've also got large endometriomas on both Ovaries, which are stuck between my uterus and bowel! I am absolutely terrified, has anyone had a similar op and have advise for me please. I had a lap last year and I remember waking up terrified, thinking I was going to be in agony and I wasn't. This is my worry again waking up in agony (and also leaving my kids for a few days) what kind of pain did people experience when they woke up? Thankyou and sorry for my waffling!

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If you have a major operation, you will have PCA afterwards which means you can administer morphin yourself. Don't worry they don't want you in agony either.

I had a massive amount of endometriosis removed. I didn't need any pain relief just felt a bit sick. Try to eat well and keep healthy for your operation.

Good luck


Thankyou for your reply, I think it's just being afraid of the unexpected really that's worrying me! It's all so scary.


I had two laparoscopies myself. The second one is more extensive. However, I didn't experience any more pain. They also give you local anaesthetic while you under GA. so when you wake up the area is all numb anyway.

Just concentrate on things that will help you recover better rather than wasting energy over things you can't control. 😊


I'm trying, Thankyou 😳


Are you being treated in a BSGE accredited endocentre for this?


Yeah I am, I had my previous lap done in my local hospital thats when they realised the extent of it and I was referred to a endo specialist.

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That's good - hopefully you will be in good hands.


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