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Relief from bloating and pain?

Looking back over the years I have always had symptoms of endometriosis but none were ever connected until I had a visible painful lump caused my endo in my pouch of douglas 2 years ago. I am 33 now and leading up to my diagnosis in 2013, I had also started to get bloating and excruciating abdominal pain that I can only describe as feeling like a huge balloon that needs to explode. My pain threshold (I believe) has always been pretty good with years of period pain, leg pain etc but this pain is incredibly uncomfortable and makes me feel sick. I thought perhaps it was an intolerance to something but there was no pattern. After struggling at work before my lap, I went to see my GP who admitted me to hospital, concerned I had a twisted ovary-this was not the case and after 3 nights I was sent home to carry on. After my lap and subsequent 6 month course of provera, I rarely had this pain. It began again once my periods came back and we were trying to conceive. I became pregnant in November but lost our baby in February, again, no pain during the pregnancy but now it is back in full force so I can only assume it is to do with my endo. I'm assuming others also suffer with this and was hoping someone could offer some advice on what they take to relieve it? I do find exercise helps but it's putting up with it at the start of a workout when all I want to do is go to bed!

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I would suggest you get a referral from your gp to your nearest endometriosis centre (you can find this on the BSGE website)

As this will need to be treated to give you the best possible chance of conceiving and carrying to term.

They are obliged to do as you ask so don't let them fob you off with regular ob/gyni. X

Good luck sharon


Thank you for your reply Sharon, I have actually been one of the fortunate ones and been very lucky with the treatment I have received so far. I only had my lap in 2013 and hoped I wouldn't need another one so soon. I just want a bit of relief whilst we try again, I will book to see my consultant again if we struggle. xx


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