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Would a pelvic scan show Endo?

Hi, if you have read my previous posts then you will know I have been suffering for a while and I am no further forward. However I am now at the point where I'm not taking no for an answer from my GP and I'm going to get diagnosed.

Since my last post my GP has told me to continue taking my pill with no breaks what so ever and when I do get a bleed through, stop the pill for a week as normal. I don't understand how but after 3 packs continuously I got a bleed, so I did what was asked and I must say it was one of the worst periods I've had, not so much heavy but so painful, I was laid up for 3 days. After this I decided that this obviously isn't the solution for me, so I went back to see her and she tried to do a internal examination however she couldn't because the pain she was causing was unbearable and I couldn't take it. So after this she sent me for a pelvic ultrasound (the one with the cold jelly on your belly) as I told her my concerns on endo, she told me that if I had endo it would be seen on the scan, however everything else I have read states that the only way endo is confirmed is through a laparoscopy. The scan came back clear however they raised the issue of my bowel, I have had IBS since 17 (I'm 28 now). The scan showed I was very gassy and it was very active so she wanted to test me for gluten intolerance, So I had the blood test at the beginning of the week and am awaiting results.

I don't think I'm intolerant to gluten but is this a normal thing to rule out?

I believe it is my womb that is the problem and aggravating my bowel however the dr is exploring the other option of it's my bowel affecting me womb/periods.

Are GP's so reluctant to send you for laparoscopy? They just don't seem to understand that periods shouldn't interfere with day to day life, I am now in so much pain I manipulate my pill for a bleed to come at the weekend so I don't miss any work, however sometimes that doesn't always work out and I've had to miss a few days from work.

I have read through other posts and am experiencing the same symptoms, I can't even walk in the first 2 days of my period, I feel like a sharp pain down there and going to the toilet is no fun at all. I'm in so much pain I don't know if I'm going to throw up or pass out at times or both even.

Any advice would be good.


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Sounds very similar to me and mine never showed up on mri X-ray ct scan or ultrasounds and I had stage 4. Push as hard as you can to get sorted that's why it takes so long to get diagnosed. I hope you sort it out xx


Aw thanks. I've just read your posts, I hope you are feeling better. I know but they make me feel like I'm a hysterical woman who is just imagining it all lol. My old GP's solution was to have a baby :/

Sometimes I think I just need some encouragement to keep pushing them as it's so tiring and it just shouldn't be so hard.


Well I've just had my second lap and I had to push for it I had my first in August and they said it wouldn't come back that fast but they put me under and had surgery and alias it came back. So don't let doctors tell you otherwise you know your body!! Because first thing I said when I woke up was 'There was I thinking I was crazy' so I know how your feeling xx


Mine didn't show up on ultrasound scan, everything showed as normal. I had a 5cm X 5cm cyst on my ovary and it didn't see that either. Recently had MRI and the deep endo showed up on that xxx


Hi Amber, Did you have to push for a MRI scan or was it just the next step? I don't think it's ever been mentioned to me.


I had a number of appointments where I was fobbed off. I finally pushed for further testing but they did not show anything (both external and internal ultrasound). Further pushing for referral led to a lap where they diagnosed stage 4 endo.

You know your body better than they do and know when something isnt right


After having my appendix out, the hospital removed blood from my pelvis, tested it and said it was endometriosis, yet my doctors are just dragging their heels rather than referring me, my local hospital has the Dorset Endometriosis Center in it, and it's opposite my doctors!!

I've managed to get an appointment tomorrow with a different doctor and I am going to push for a referral!

Why should we have to pay to go private to get things moving? The NHS is there to help us, so I will not leave tomorrow until he does something!!!


Hi with regards to ultrasound it depends on the depth of the endometriosis and the skill of the sonographer. I've had three now both internal and external. First one October 2014 showed 6cm endometrioma on left ovary which grew to 11cm an was drained in July. Had another scan this October to confirm it had grown back. Which it had done to the same size as it was when drained. Third scan was with a specialist sonographer to map the extent of the endo.. If you search on here for a lady called Lindle she will be able to help you with your situation , she 's brilliant.


This is kind of irrelevant to your original question but are you taking the combined pill? The reason I ask is that it's not advised if you have endometriosis. The depo injection might be a temporary fix as it stops your periods and would give you a chance to have proper investigations without being in agony. It also doesn't contain oestrogen which is a known endo trigger. Xxx


Hi, Yeah I've been on the combined pill for about 13 years now. I've tried other contraception such as implant and the injection but nothing agreed with me. The implant I just bled constantly and the injection wasn't for me. Thanks for telling me that though, I never knew.


Yeah it's really difficult. I don't seem to agree with any contraceptives either- I get every side effect under the sun. I'd recommend a TENS machine to help with the pain- they really do work. It sounds as though you need a referral to a gyno and ultimately a diagnosis. Good luck xxx


Hi there, yes my Endometriosis and Adenomyosis was picked up with internal ultrasound.


Scan rules other things out, it cannot see the tiny chocolate cysts. Push for laparascopy!

I also suffered with bak to back pill but found the mirena coil saved my life! Have a look into this.

I also did loadsa research into endo specialist consultants and made my gp give me a referral- best thing i ever did! A dr who actually knew what he was talking about. Good luck.


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