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Dilemma - excision or laser?

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I'm currently feeling like I'm somewhere in between a rock and a hard place. I live in north Wales and am awaiting a laparoscopy to remove endometriosis which is sticking together my ovaries. However, the hospital I'm going to doesn't do excision surgery, only lasering.

I've asked my GP to refer me for a private consultation in another hospital over the border in England so I can get a second opinion and more information on the surgery I'm scheduled to have done.

Living in Wales I think it's unlikely I'll be able to access surgery on the NHS in England.

Now I feel like my options are to go ahead with the laser surgery in North Wales and use our savings to pay for IVF should I need it (which currently looks likely) or pay for the excision surgery privately in England and hope and pray it does enough so that I won't need IVF afterwards and can conceive naturally.

What a dilemma! Any thoughts ladies? What would you do? X

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Excision is the best way to get rid of it all. Read Lindle's post on it. I'm quite new to this but everyone says excision is best. I've heard of people in Scotland - a lady on FB site endometropolis - getting NHS referral to one of the top excision specialist in manchester

Hi, I live in Chester and went for a private consultation with an endo specialist consultant, he has been great. I know it's expensive but I'd definitely recommend a consultation if you can afford it.

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I'm definitely paying privately for the consultation but it's the price of the surgery afterwards I'm concerned about. It really feels like a roll of a dice. Pay privately for surgery and struggle to pay for any IVF I may need afterwards if im unable to conceive naturally. Or go NHS for surgery, probably have to have IVF but have the money to pay for it ourselves. Only 1 round on NHS in Wales I think.

Try a Cardiff referral? Swansea chap recently told me he doesn't do lasering any more, waste of time compared to excision.

Hi, I too live in North Wales and have had both treatment on the NHS and private (although not IVF as I already had 2 children at that time). I might be able to give you some tips.

Excision. Surgeons up here have moved away from laser (edinburgh). Think one said something like it can come back or spread with laser. This was at an endo information day with endo specialist consultants.

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