Ablation or Excision!?

Hey Ladies, just looking for some advice and to hear some of your experiences really. Ive got my gyne appointment on Monday and since last seeing him ive read alot about excision surgery and how it apparently lasts longer than an ablation surgery. Just wondering if anyone has had experience of both and how they feel, did excision surgery give you better relief or longer between ops? My gyne can be a bit of a pain and id like to know a bit more about it before bringing it up with him. Please give me your feedback! Thanks Endosisters!!!

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  • Excision removed the endo so it doesn't grow back while ablation just takes off the first few layers of endo. With excision it often doesn't return but with ablation it returns with vengeance. The early stages (1 & 2) can be treated with ablation however the alter ones not to so much.

  • It's worth searching ablation here and on fb Anecdotally there seem to be more recurrence cases with ablation vs excision so excision in most cases is better, but requires greater surgical skill which is where BSGE centres come in.

  • I had ablation and pain never really subsided so I'm now on list for excision.

    You need to be at a bsge surgeon for complex excision so if you're not already maybe good to get referred to one. Your GP can do that.

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