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New Here, Waiting on Follow Up from Lap

Hi, this is the first time I have posted on here. I am 29 and have had issues with my periods since I was 11 and was put on the pill at 15 to manage severe pain, heavy bleeding and fainting. From the age of 15 to early 20's only really suffered from basic cramps but started experiencing pain during bowel movements and lower back ache during my period around 4 years ago. Went back to my doctor who prescribed laxatives which did nothing! Have been suffering from sciatic pain, primarily on my left side for nearly 2 years, only during my period at first but now happens regularly throughout the month, same with pain during bowel movements and even passing wind. Also experience pain in lower abdomen/groin and have experienced pain during intercourse. I moved from South Wales to West Midlands 18 months ago and registered with a local GP. Thankfully after hearing my symptoms she stated that she bekieved it was endometriosis and referred me to the gynaecologist. Ultrasounds and blood tests were clear so I was referred for a diagnostic lap which finally happened last week. Surgeon was very vague, she said there is no active endometriosis but there is a lot of scarring, mainly on my left side, bladder, ovarian fossa, peritoneal and vaginal walls are all involved. Unfortunately I have to wait upto 3 months for a follow up appointment with my gynae for the full report and to find out what happens next. If it is not active how is the pain getting worse and more often? Has anyone else experienced this? Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated! It is nice to have somewhere to go where people understand, I have felt like I was going mad for the past few years and actually cried with relief when I got home from my lap! Also suffer from migraines and fatigue on my first two days of bleeding which nothing other than sleep seems to help!

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Hi lovely

My symptoms sound exactly like urs. I think in gunna need a lap bt im terrified can you just describe your experience for me please?

Im worried the pain will be bad after it xxx


Hi, my lap was diagnostic so no work done inside, just the surgeon having a look around. I had 2 incisions, 1 in the belly button and 1 just above the hip bone on the left side. Pain is manageable with painkillers, but make sure you go to your gp about a week after surgery for a wound check as they signed me off for a second week and prescribed additional painkillers, due to my abdomen still being swollen. Hospital had only provided a sick note for a week. Once the wind dissipated I found it much easier to move around, lots of peppermint tea helped! This took 2-3 days for me.

Obviously it is different for everyone but plenty of rest and sticking to the painkillers as prescribed worked for me.x


I cant believe they havnt actually remived any if the scar tissue for u!

I dont understand why they do a diagnostic on so many people but dont remive the problem it seems crazy xxx


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