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Laparoscopy tomorrow - scared it will come back negative


So I’m 19 and have several symptoms with period like pain and cramps with bowel movements, heavy periods, pain with sex, bleeding during sex etc etc ...

I’m having my first investigatory lap tomorrow but I’m terrified that nothing will be found and i will be left suffering with these symptoms. My mum doesn’t even want me to go through with the procedure as she doesn’t even believe my pain is that severe. It may sound odd but I don’t want it to come back negative and look like it’s all in my head.

I was just wondering if anyone else had a similar experience or could help calm my nerves?


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I know exactly how you feel I was the same before mine as people had pretty much tried to convince me it was all in my head. It’s a battle for people to understand what we are going through as it isn’t a ‘visible’ illness. Just go in with an open mind it’s best to get some answers and hopefully they can help relieve some of your pain for you. Make sure you take some magazines/book in case your waiting a while and I also took a pillow for the car journey home to put my seatbelt over as the area is obviously painful, good luck x

gsygsy1 in reply to Joely21

Thank you for your reply!! I’m glad it’s not just me who’s felt like this - will definitely take books and magazines! Xx

Joely21 in reply to gsygsy1

Good luck xx

Hey I’m the same age and I have my lap next Tuesday. I’m scared nothing will be found but we know our own bodies and what’s normal and what’s not etc.

I have the same symptoms as you

Good luck ❤️ xx

gsygsy1 in reply to princessk09

Honestly it’s so reassuring to hear this! I will let you know how tomorrow goes! Xx

Good luck tomorrow , only you know your own body! I’m sure everything will be fine.. it really is a mixed emotion op.. I was absolutely devasted when they told me I had it pretty much everywhere mines is stage 4 and all over diaphragm and liver and bowel so when they told me I was absolutely devasted I knew myself I had endometriosis it wasn’t a shock but it was a shock if you know what I mean so hard to explain! Really mixed emotion.. i was kept in for 3 days but didn’t expect to be in that long so make sure you pack some extra underwear and pj’s I didn’t expect to be in as long as I was , unfortunately for me they could not remove any of my endo because they had to have a bowel surgeon present so I’m currently waiting for my big op..

ohh and also take a pillow or ask whoever is picking you up from hospital to take a pillow for the drive home my mum forgot mine so the drive home was horrific!!! I have a list off stuff for my next op so I’m prepared this time I certainly won’t be coming home without a pillow this time!

Good luck tomorrow 😘 x

Audrie in reply to LolaLo3


What were/ are your symptoms with endometriosis of the diaphragm?

Thank you so much - I will take on all of that advice! Especially the pillow.

It’s such a confusing feeling and to anyone else I must sound a bit mad actually wanting to have something! But it’s just going to be feeling lost if they find nothing ...

I am so sorry they found such severe Endo during your lap - but I wish you all the best with your next op!!😽 hope you feel much better following xx

I haven’t had any investigative stuff yet, but I totally get how you feel re: the looking like it’s all in your head.

That is not a nice feeling, but to have to go thru with surgery as well is difficult.

Hope it goes well.

Keep us posted. Hugs x

I'm currently experiencing this same fear, I've done so much research, found that every single symptom was spot on. Then having found that Endo could be a possibility and that it can be treated, is like a light at the end of a tunnel for me. I asked for a laparoscopy after seeing a new gyno, supposedly I'm skipping medical procedures but at this point, I'm willing to do anything for answers. Look at it this way, you know you needed to do this whether the results come back positive or negative, there are more pros than cons, and if you don't have Endo, then the doctors should be able to give you insight on other issues you may have.

Good luck sister and stay strong,


Just thought I’d update you all ...

Just come back from surgery and it was negative :( they found no Endo

I feel like it was such a waste of time and literally had tears in my eyes when they told me there was nothing there, esp as my surgeon came to see me just before and was prettt adamant he was going to find it.

Feel like a major drama queen right now for having it done

sukhpreet_t in reply to gsygsy1

Hello. I'm really sorry to hear this and know it must be really difficult. I am hoping to have a Lap soon and this is something that I worry about happening. You are not a drama queen at all, we all deserve answers and I hope you get some soon.

The most important thing now is to be strong and give yourself the time and rest you need to recover. xxx

Holleymuzz in reply to gsygsy1

So sorry I replied without reading the update. Please push on if you feel you didn’t get the treatment you deserve. As I said they were inside me 3 times before they found mine and it was on my bowel and bladder. Sometimes they just look at reproductive organs and not other pelvic organs x

Hey, just wanted to say not to give up. You know your own body better than anyone ever will. Doctors told me for years that I had IBS and the pain and other symptoms were "all in my head". I got diagnosed with endometriosis during surgery but now they are saying since they removed it im "cured" and the pain and other symptoms are "all in my head again", they also think im just addicted to pain killers and anti sickness tablets 🙄 im just going to keep fighting to be taken seriously because sadly doctors who understand and believe endometriosis patients are few and far between! Please if you feel something is not right dont let yourself or the doctors give up on you, your health and wellbeing.


Hey.. totally understand how you feel.. I have my lap coming up at the end of August and my consultant has already told me she believes it’ll be a negative result, but because in a prior appointment to when she said that to me, she’d promised me a lap I kicked up a fuss and said I wanted an answer either way.

Stay positive, even if it does

Turn out to be negative, I guess we need to count ourselves lucky it isn’t more sinister.. and this way, we can rule out certain things by having the surgery.

Best of luck.. remember that there are so many of us on here who understand

How you feel and that in itself is a HUGE support and comfort to each and every one of us! X

I am so so sorry you’re going through this- this was what happened to me in January and I was an angry frustrated mess of tears for about a month. I was NOT happy with how the surgery was handled nor how my surgeon treated me so I actually filed a complaint to try to get a second opinion as there were no photos, biopsy, anything, only a 20 minutes surgery where I was left being told ‘nope whatever it is it’s not gynaecological’.

Fast forward a few months later and I got my apology letter and recommendation my GP refers me for a second opinion and I blessedly got forwarded on to someone who not only has an interest in endometriosis, but performs excision surgery. They were VERY unhappy with how my laparoscopy in January went and said they wanted to do a laparoscopy on me instead. So here I sit in the hospital 6 months later having just got out of my second laparoscopy where they did indeed find endometriosis in multiple places.

YOU know your body and when something is wrong. If you had surgery with a general gynae I would push for a second opinion with someone with a special interest in endometriosis who knows what it looks like in all it’s forms as it is in no way straightforward.

Wishing you all the best of luck- here to chat if you need. Xx

Hi Hun

How did it go?

I have surgery on Saturday and pretty much feeling the same feelings as you although I was diagnosed 2 years ago after my 3rd lap. Sending healing hugs x

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