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Possibly endometriosis/gynaecology referral/help

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Hi everyone. I've not posted for a while, and I know this might not be the right sub.

I'm 23, UK. I've always had problems with my periods (very heavy, painful, irregular, very very heavy and painful when they did come). I'm on the depo injection atm, and that's stopped my periods altogether. However I recently have started experiencing heavy bleeding, pelvic pain, painful urination, painful bowel movements. I've had bleeding and painful intercourse for years too.

I went to my GP around 4 weeks ago with problems down there. She suspected Pelvic inflammatory disease, so gave me strong antibiotics. Hasn't cleared up at all, and I've now been referred to a gynecologist. My GP suspects endometriosis as I've had ongoing bowel issues for years as well as gynaecologic issues for years too. See my previous posts about my bowel problems. Just wondering if anyone on here has had similar experiences? And if so what was the waiting time for referrals etc.

Much appreciated


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Waiting times seem to vary throughout the country. My wait to see the consultant wasn't too long but I've been waiting since Aug for the lap to formally diagnose.

Thanks for your advice, hopefully I'm not waiting too long. My GP wants me to get an abdominal and transvaginal ultrasound and she wrote the referral for that 4 weeks ago and I'm still waiting. 😔 Meanwhile pain is getting worse.

When I went via the NHS the waiting time for my first gynae appointment was three months away. So I've no idea how long a lap would be after that :( sorry

I went private as we have medical insurance through work, so got a referral from my gp to private consultant, and that sped it up to two weeks from first consultation for the ultrasounds (same as yours) and then two weeks after for the op. I know that this isn't a possibility for everyone and I wouldn't be able to afford it without the insurance.

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Thanks so much for your reply! It's so frustrating that the NHS takes so long with these things. 😔 My GP said she's put in the referral to try and get me seen ASAP, my recent bloods showed high white blood cell count and my CA 125 came back as high too, I just thought I might've had my scan by now. 😔😥

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luthien in reply to RhiannonT

It's good that your gp is trying their best :)

hope you get seen soon xx

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RhiannonT in reply to luthien

That's true. Really glad I have a good GP. 😊 Will keep you posted. Thank you. Hope you're not suffering too much. Xx

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I'm good, well I'm on my period so it's all horrible but sooo much better after having my lap to remove most of my endo :)

I waited 9 months for my gynaecology referral to come through even though my GP referred me twice but once it did it all started moving fairly quickly, MRI then lap booked within a 3 month time span.

Keep chasing as much as you can x

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I will, thanks very much. X

Hi, as someone else said, waiting times vary by specialty and hospital. The last national statistics I saw put them at an average of 23 weeks for gynaecology.

The best hospitals don’t necessarily have the longest waits. Your GP should know the local picture, assuming you have more than one hospital within reach.

I hope it’s not too long.

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Thank you. I live in Lanark, Scotland. So fall under NHS Lanarkshire. There's 4 different hospitals under the health board so hopefully won't be too long. Thank you for your support and advice everyone.

Just a wee update. FINALLY got an appointment for my scan, it's this Tuesday (20th), at 5pm. I've to drink 1.25 litres of water before hand and keep it in, ie, have a full bladder. I have a very weak bladder. Any tips on how I can stop myself going? 😔

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