Just realised why i have been in so much pain last couple weeks...i am bleeding heavy again when these pills were meant to stop it completely. Im scared and crying my eyes out as i know its not good news and means i now gotta try something else but don't know what options i have left. Plus its my belated birthday weekend this weekend. Meant to be going out trampolining with friends and my family coming down on sunday. So so upset and frustrated :'(

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  • Oh no.. I'm so sorry to hear all that. Gosh.. What pill are you on? Have you had any op yet? I totally get how you feel.. It's scary isn't it because you think to yourself if this and this isn't helping them what will? I've been on cilest pill 4 weeks now and been feeling worse again since and today has been my shittest day so far on it and haven't felt like this since beginning of it all. I'm meant to be going to a friends birthday do tomorrow but now thinking I don't know if I'll be able to based on how I'm feeling.. It's so upsetting and frustrating isn't it.. You should tell your dr! Hope you get it sorted soon xx

  • Thankyou Siana.

    Yeah it is so frustrating! Yes i have had 2 ops last the space of 3 months apart. Just keeps coming back. I am on the mini pill (Cerelle) this is my 4 th month now. Usually i would have a break at 3 months but because of how bad i got last year and these tablets i have to take continually so dont know if its my body getting used to them and its a blip or they just not working. Yes its my birthday eve out tonight and probably going to have to miss it myself and watch everyone else enjoy it instead. So so depressing xx

  • Oh really? Gosh.. That's not good!! Ohh, yeah I get you.. I've been just taking mine back to back from day one as was too scared about the pain I could get again with bleeding.. I'm in the same position as you with the pill except you've already had ops and been on pill longer. Same with me I don't know if it's the pill making me worse, just coincidence me getting worse and/or I'm just becoming immune to meds I'm on... Got two weeks left of pill of which I can't see much changing and then we're discussing op.. I haven't had anything done yet.. Aww, you never know you may be able to do something but just maybe not trampolining.. I feel so rubbish again today! But later on I might feel at my best like yesterday. It does make you feel really down.. Have you been able to get out much with it since you've had it? Xx

  • Its crap isnt it!? Erm since i started my periods i had it. But pain was no where near what i experience now so i was able to do a lot more than i can now. I spend more time off work than i do at work (which is so so hard!)..i cant exercise so put on a bit of weight but watch what i eat. Some days i can be ok and live 'normally'.. But last 2years have bewn awful and can barely walk some days. Its totally changed my life! Yeah have an op as obviously it will slow it down if not get rid of it. Will be a good choice. I havnt got many options left before a hysterectomy is the solution which terrifies me at 24 years old. Xxx

  • Yeah it's absolute shite!! Ohh I see.. God, I wonder why it's gotten even worse over past two years?? Oh no... I don't have a work issue but I am with 3 year old daughter which is very hard. Same here, I've been able to do hardly anything and recently I've been feeling like that again with leg pain... It's life changing yeah and very stressful for everyone around you too.. Like my mum, dad and sister have been doing all the things I can't do like taking my daughter to nursery as I don't drive and walking any longer than 5 mins sometimes does me in. Yeah I understand about the weight issue, but difficult to try and eat healthy sometimes if you're feeling really down.. I have a slight advantage to that though of having a crazy toddler lol. Yeah I really hope that def goes ahead next.. Fingers crossed! Oh no, really? Have you tried the coil? It's scary to think about though isn't it. Let's hope they can try something else and it'll help you!! Xx

  • Oh bless you. Its good that you have family that can help you like that though. Your blessed in that sense. Oh i really hope they can help you with that. The leg pain... Oh my gosh! Its the worst. I get it everyday and it really tires me which sounds stupid because we can't move. Yeah they suggested coil but because my body doesn't react well with foreign stuff in it that it isnt a good idea so we scrapped that xxxx

  • I understand what you going through, I go through the same thing.

    The heavy bleeding - what I did was research 6 months ago and came across Radiant and order cinnamon &poria and Free Flow these are herbs that made my menstruation light. Very light , mother nature's cure us better than man made do. Check it out yourself.

  • Thankyou Sophira. I habe already tried the herbal route. Still am but nothing seems to ease it or help at all. Getting fed up of it all now. Thankyou for your advice though! Xx

  • I started bleeding while on the pill and then continued to bleed or spot for weeks. I was supposed to take my pills continually without breaks to prevent bleeding, but because I was bleeding anyway, my gynae told me to try having the break and if the bleeding doesn't stop after the break, we'll change the pill. Had the break, had normal period and then the bleeding stopped. With my pill the break is just 4 days so it was not that bad even though I had pain and diarrhea like I always have when I'm on my period. Things went back to normal after the break, it was just my body getting used to the hormone levels. Maybe try having the break at some time that is convenient for you, see if it helps?

  • Thankyou Lucie. I seeing my gynae in a month anyway so may jst ask to move appointment earlier and see what he says. Dont want to do anything without his say so. Thankyou for your advice xx

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