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Scared & Anxious

Hi girlies please can someone help/support/comfort me please!!!! I'm really down and depressed - after literally years and years of doctors appointments, strong pain killers and scans also internals etc last week my gynaecologist said I probably have endometrioses - after about 5 years (the pain started when I was around 17/18) although my periods were extreme since I started (10 yrs old) only then I experienced the ovary pain and it had got a lot intense around 5 years ago - docs palmed me off with very strong pain killers making me tired (even more than normal- and around 6 scans checking for ovary cysts via an ultra sound scan. in between this time I have become worse with symptom's such as extreme pain when having sex (especially different positions) chronic fatigue - pain all throughout the month and still yet again even when on 'Yazmin' pill very heavy intense periods the only benefit on being on the pill is I am regular - when I was natural I was very irregular - sorry to be graphic but when I was 'natural' the pain was so intense and m periods were so all over the place I actually thought I was have been miscarrying as the blood was so heavy and I would have numerous days off college/uni and work etc and sometimes cancel plans with friends and famiy - which is a real nightmare when no one understands :/ im sorry to moan on im just so so scared - anyway - they have referred me for a laposcopty - I am now waiting - I am taking very strong pain killers to ease the pain (not that they help a lot) hot water bottles and just taking it easy but I am very anxious and really just want to know and get treated - can anyone advice on how I cope until operation? mentally and physically - its also affecting my relationship with my boyfriend as I am very anxious about sex and really don't enjoy it - all comments and advice are very much appreciated love Laura-Jayne xxx

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Hey. I am sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time and are in so much pain. I am glad they finally are sending you for a lap and getting things moving. For a long time docs haven't been listening to me either! now they think I have endo and are going to think about sending me for the tests. Just like you, my pain gets so bad I cannot do anything but lay in bed and cry. My family have to help me up and down stairs when my pain is extreme. Its horrible. Again I use strong painkillers, hot water bottles and just try to stay still when im in pain. But even these painkillers don't always take my pain away and just keep making me even more tired than I am. I am on the mini pill but my periods are still all over the place and heavy and painful. So I know how you feel! If you ever need to talk, im always here. Good luck with the lap! xx


thank you hun- what pain killers do you use? also my stomach is bloated all the time - when im actually on my period too you'd swear I was 6 months preg the size it goes up :( gets me down aswell as I cant wear my pretty nice dresses I cover up with baggy things :( although im really anxious about the operation ill be glad when its treated xxx


Hey hun, yeah me too, i hate how big i loook. Constantly so bloated! Painkillers i use neurofen if mild, but when its bad i use tramadol but they just make me so drowsy as well xx


Hey Laura Jane

I'm still waiting for my diagnosis during lap but I'm replying as I can see what a terrible time you are having. I'm on codeine at the moment but like emma said you can still have pain on painkillers. I also use hot water bottles,long soaks in the bath. My bf and I have also suffered due to this. But we try to make up for it with extra cuddling and he rubs my back/my belly on the really bad days. I find that it's nice to still have physical contact and it's comforting as well. We also have takeaway nights when we order in and watch something together. After eating too much we cuddle on sofa. It's something that you don't have to worry about cancelling. I've had to cancel many things..so in the mean time we have "date nights" in pjs with a takeaway and cuddle.

I was thinking about trying those heated pads you can wear on back/belly for when out and about. To be honest though on the days when I'm struggling to walk I just get home and into bed with hot water bottle l,painkillers and fluffy dressing gown. Also my GP told me to buy "lactulose" or something similar to help with constipation that the painkillers can cause.

I hope this helps somewhat, but I'm sending a hug as well! Xx


Your not alone in how you feel. My doctor fobbed me off for two years and told me to read a book by Paul McKenna on 'how things aren't what you think they are' and told me to go on holiday. The pain got that bad I was in bed for 2 weeks and could hardly walk. Work weren't happy as was off sick ALOT and I had no idea what was wrong with me. I went back again and they sent me to a gynaecologist. Cut a long story short I had a laparoscopy which determined my bowel had adhered to my pelvis by endometriosis adhesions which they removed. 2 years later it came back but this time they packed me with Gel to stop the scar tissue reforming. I've found being in the pill doesn't help infact makes me feel poorly but watching what I eat does. There's lots of since behind it but avoiding Gluten (wheat, bread, pasta etc) is essential to help reduce pain and sick days. They say you should avoid sugar also. Also my doctor prescribed me two drugs to take during my period one is for pain and the other for reduce the heavy ness of your period. Tranexamic Acid and Mefenamic. You have to take them 3x a day for four days no matter what but they have helped me a lot and feel more normal on my period and can do more.

Hope this helps in some way. Best wishes


Hi Laura,

I know how that pain is, I went to ER once about it every step it was painful no matter how numb my legs were due to the pain. I took codeine for about a week but only before sleep so I can a temp some rest.

Long bath helps it did help me, just for a short time, and getting used to the pain to be honest. I did not take off from work, although it hurt I tried to focus on work and just ignore everything else. It did help me not to give focus to it and not be so demounted.

I use panadol to everything I just respond to it, for bloating I take pills based on articoke these ease up the winds problems.

With regards to constipation I suffer from it since kindergarten, that is way I don't take pills unless a matter of emergency.

Pain must become your friend until you are able to get a surgery or something. Can't tell much after the surgery is been only a month since I had mine, 1st period knocked me out, was worse that the endo pain. I am on zoladex injection and I can tell that the daily left hand side pain has disregard since the surgery. Period pain is okay, controllable with something hot, I had suffered from cramps about 2 weeks when doctors said I am eliminating the gas from the surgery those were quite annoying but those have been gone.

Have a positive approach into everything and find things which takes your mind away, I spent hours with my headphones on, playing games or reading books.

Good luck Laura, hope to hear good from you.


Thanks girls for all your support and helpful comments - I called the hospital Thursday they said to ring back Monday re- my lapopopsy for a rough date - sooner it happens the better - in the mean time I will just carry on- try and distract myself and keep using the pain killers and hot water bottles - I will also buy the heat pads - I think they will be a blessing for when im in work - thank you all again it has really helped and update me as well on how you are all feeling -- much love Laura-Jayne xxx<3 xx


Hi Laura-Jayne, big hugs to you sweetie. I am so sorry to hear you suffering like this! I know that it is hard waiting for the surgery and results, butI can't stress to you enough how important it is not to let your mind run wild and keep the stress under control. You're not moaning on, just frightened, our mind is a very powerful thing and I remember when I was first diagnosed with suspected Endo the awful things I imagined it could be and when I calmed this down I helped myself a lot. The mind can also be very healing and I have learnt this through Sophrology. If you are interested I am running a course in the new year as I am studying for my Sophrology Diploma. I have posted on this page this morning if you want to read more. Even if you don't want to though please find something that makes you feel relaxed and happy and focus in this.

Big hugs

Jen xx


Thanks hun where abouts is the course I am living in Wales - also thanks for your support - I have had crystal therapy In the past for my eczema and found it very relaxing so maybe it can help with my pain or even if it just calms me it will be something - i am feeling a bit better after joining this site too its nice to know its not just me who feels like this - thank you again xXXX<3 xx


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