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Newbie and had second Lap yesterday

Hello all,

I am Newbie to this site. I have suffered since I was a teenager with my endo, symptoms eased after having my boys but since then (youngest being 6) They have come back with vengeance.

I was sterlised 2 years ago when endo was officially diagnosed and adhesions and endo spots removed. Yesterday I had my second lap where again then removed all the endo spots and detached my bowel from my womb.

It also appears that the endo has moved into my bowel as took a biopsy and removed lesions from my bowel.

I am hoping this page will become a page of understanding for me as I constantly feel I am backed into a corner with regards to this awful disease that not only hugely affects my physical health but at times really debilitates my mental health also.

Thank you in advance


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I am only at the beginning of my journey so I am not sure what help I can be in that department. But what I will say is that I am a newbie to this website as well and already I feel slightly more emotionally stable after comments from lovely, strong people such as yourself. So hang on in there, and hopefully someone with more experience will get back to you asap to help with your questions.

I felt backed into a corner too, particularly so only a matter of hours ago, I was crying and moping and watching an endless stream of Friends! But then I found this website and it's genius, I feel like I have a little hope at least, because so far the emotional debilitation is often worse than the physical and only conversations like these can help that.

Good luck to you and all the best xxx


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