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Endo diet during the decapeptyl injections, is it worth it?

Hi I had a consultation today and I had a first decapeptyl injection today. I am going to have for 3 months and have the next appointment in the end of June.

I just started my endo diet and I will continue for the next few weeks definitely as I am in pain now. But is the endo diet worth doing during decapeptyl is working? It is shame as I just start getting hang of it but could I loose the diet and have sometime gluten and dairy things?

My plan is when I have appointment in June, we will be discussing if decapeptyl supress the pain - my pain is caused by mainly endo (some around my womb and PoD, suspected in diaphragm) or not - caused by adhesion (I have a lot in my pelvic area). So he can plan what kind of surgery I will benefit from the best. The consultant said I could have further 3 months of decapeptyl injections while I am on the waiting list for the next lap.

Should I keep my endo diet during the decapeptyl injections?

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One option is to stick with it, so you get used to the routine. You are right the drug will mask any relief from pain and discomfort that the diet may be producing - but equally the drugs can cause other significant pains - and you should not jump to conclusions blaming the diet for those when they happen, because most of them will be the drug.

The idea of the diet is to not feed your body with the triggers that cause extra oestrogen production - as this process is shut down by the drug - it really is your decision whether you stick with the diet and try experimenting with recipes so you can work out a weekly eating plan, or whether just to get through the day - you break the diet and treat yourself.

It's quite refreshing when you are having hot flushes to cool down with an ice lolly or ice-cream and I would certainly recommend doing whatever you need to do to get yourself through the side effects as the number 1 priority. The endo diet can wait till you stop the drug regime - if you want to leave it for now.


Thanks I will stick to another few more weeks and I may loose it until the last injection. It is planned for 3 months.xxx


Hi love, I was never able to stick to the endo diet but I do recommend getting a sage vitamin and some soy products as these help emencly with the hot flushes x



I had Zoladex 2 years ago and luckily I didn't have hot flushes but I have to wait and see if I have that with this one. I am having this with HRT.



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