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Endo Diet Advice


I think I am about to get an endo diagnosis (seeing consultant Tues, found out yesterday I have an 8cm chocolate cyst on my right ovary). I've started to read online about ways to manage symptoms such as fatigue with diet and am concerned that a lot of the foods I need to avoid are my staples e.g. caffeine in coke, sweetners in yoghurts dairy.

My questions are: do such changes help (if so I am of the opnion it will really help me and I must try) where do I start to cut out things such as caffiene (i drink diet coke, probably addicited and dont like hot drinks).

Also if I cut right down is that ok rather than giving up completely? Is there a certain time of the month where it's best not to eat/drink any of the offending items?

Any advice greatly appreciated!



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Hi Lisa,

I don't have much time at the moment to answer but there's a free online film that might interest you. It's called Super Juice Me by Jason Vale aka The Juicemaster. He advocates juicing as a way to reset your health but you don't have to buy into the juicing thing necessarily. There are some very good explanations and messages regarding how we damage our own health through what we eat and drink. It's free to watch online this weekend if you register superjuiceme.com

I have nothing to do with Jason Vale or his products. I'm just a big fan! He puts everything far better than I could.

Stay away from that diet coke!


Thanks for the link Brownlow. Just watched the movie- really inspiring.


Hi Dillweed,

Hope you're feeling a bit better after this week's roller coaster.

Yes, the film is pretty good. I do think it's all genuine. You really couldn't make that up. X


Quite a few of us juice at work. Everyone else thinks we're bonkers. I might step it up a gear. Feeling much better today thanks. My yoga must be doing some good- finding the breathing helps. Hope you're having a good weekend. X


Thanks - great helpx


I felt the same a month ago but I have started the endo diet. Tho I'm not calling it a diet but a lifestyle change!

My ibs symptoms have changed for the better already. Time will tell if it helps during AF and the endo itself.

It's worth a try IMO what have you got to loose.

And I agree stop the diet drinks, aspartame is really not good for you.

Read up some more on the endo diet and see what you think. So far I've been ok on it and my diet before was bad, normal coke, chocolate, take a ways, red meat etc. but I'm determined to help myself as much as possible

Good luck :) x


Thanks - great helpx


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