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Gyne today


Had my appointment today and signed the paperwork for a laperoscopy so just got to wait for the letter and date now. My gyne said he will do one more lap after this one and if the pain comes back again then he will do a full hysterectomy. Oh the joys of endo.

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Hello, I was under the impression that an hysterectomy Does not cure endo, and it is just as likely to come back after one, what did your gyne doc say about it all,

Good luck with your date hope your not waiting too long, xxx

Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Tboag

Hi I've heard the same too but ive had my family now and any things worth a try. Menopause may have kicked in by then anyway. I didn't really go into details as ten years is a long way off. He did say a full hysterectomy not sure if that makes a difference.

I guess the waiting list will be 6 month plus, I also have a chronic pain condition so even when the endo is treated I won't get much relief. X

Sorry if this is something that you've tried, and which didn't work for you, but have you tried a Mirena coil? Mine is a lifesaver, but then my endo wasn't too bad.

Also, what type of removal is he doing during the laparoscopy? Is it full surgical removal of the endo, or just laser removal - as this grows back, I believe?

Why not have a read back through discussions on here, as somewhere there are some good accounts of the relative merits of these two removals. Or contact the Endometriosis Association and talk to one of their advisors. There is a link at the top of this page.

Hope it all gets sorted. Take care

Hi it's just the usual laser treatment but I've got endo on my rectum too. I haven't tried the mirena coil I'm just not sure it's for me. I have looked into it before. X

My mirena was a dream. I had it inserted in hospital* under anaesthetic* - as I have not had kids and cervix was tight - plus it turned out I had a tilted uterus.

NB These* are your rights if you want to have one fitted, and don't let them fob you off.

Okay my endo wasn't so bad, but the mirena was only a bit uncomfy for a few days, and by about 5 months all gut/bowel/ibs/cramp pains and general agony (and periods) had gone. I'd look back through other posts about it. There are a mixed bunch of responses, but it seems to be the dream ticket for many. You can't tell it's there and my partner's never noticed it.

Also, I would have a further check of the merits of repeated laser removal versus surgical removal. There was quite a discussion of it, recently. My understanding is that with laser it just grows back, again and again, while well-done surgical removal can do the trick once and for all.

I will look into it deeper into it. You would think that with my meds for my other conditions I wouldn't feel the pain but it doesn't seem to touch it. X

Hi you should be having excision treatment not laser, why is he choicing to laser, this type. Of treatment shouldn't be used nowadays, please check with your Gp if you can be referred to a ENdo specialist,


Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Tboag

Hi tbh I'm not sure, it's been five years since my last op and I just assumed it was the same. When my date comes through I will investigate more or ask my gp as I see her quite often. X

Do you have your surgeons secretaries number, I wasn't sure when I was at the stage before surgery, so I rung her, she confirmed he only used excision as for most gyne surgeons and all endo specialists, I would ring her now, amd if not I would try to change to excision, think of it like shaving or waxing your hair, shaving comes back quick as your only removing from the surface and plucking or waxing pulls out the root so the root needs to regrow too, it's the same with endo, if excised it's very unlikely fir the endo to grow back in the same place, unless it's completely new, if lasered shaved it most certainly will grow back,


good luck xxx

Tinkerjack1912 in reply to Tboag

I haven't got any numbers yet. They will be on the letter when it comes. There's no rush I'm sure there's a long waiting list. X

Well I disagree, if you can find out now if he is due to laser then in my opinion you should get a second opinion and get someone that's going to do the job right, if you wait for the letter and then do it you may have lost another 10 weeks,

It's your choice but I no what I would do!!


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