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Gyne referal


Hi guys,

Im lookin for some advise I have finally got a referal to a gyne for suspected endo and was wonderin if n e one could tell me what to expect at the appointment im very nervous and a lil worried so please if n e one has some advise or can tell me what to expect that would b really helpful.

Many thanks in advance

Chaz xx

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Hi don't be worried they will ask you what your symptons are how long your periods are and probably do an examination. Make sure you write everything down you want to ask and all your symptons as when I got there I went blank so luckily I could refer back to what I had written Down. Then they talk to you about options/treatment Good luck xxxx

chazs in reply to Mummyofone

Thank u for gettin bk to me I think im more worried about the outcome, im not really sure what I want to ask this is all so new xx

Mummyofone in reply to chazs

Well I wanted to have a child so instead of putting me on hormone treatment to try and stop ovulation which is ment to help with pain they booked me in for a lap to see if I had endo before having a child. Don't get worked up they discuss everything with you it can be hard work dealing with pains let alone worrying about your appointments xx

Thats what I want im so afraid their gonna say I cant have children, im on the cerazette pill atm but its not helpin with the pain so I will go for the lap and c is there much pain after the lap xx

That was my worry I think that's normal!! I had my lap Friday just gone and I have been ok I would say need maybe two weeks off work. You are sore and bruised but I only took painkillers for two days so has not been to bad. The worst pain I think is the trapped wind from where the pump gas in belly to see better. I took peppermint tea and wind ease in deffo helped. Xxz

Aww ok hope u feel better, I really appreciate u takin the time to chat and ease my worries, my apps on the 9th so if u wouldnt mind me messagin u if I have n e more questions after it that would b great xx

U can ask anything there are people on here with lots more knowledge then me but I am happy to help. Good luck lovely x

Thank u so much xx

First apt is just like a gp apt just with someone specialised. I had a conversation about symptoms, went over past medications etc. There is an opportunity for examinations but if you don't feel comfortable they won't make you xx

I had my first appointment on Monday and she prescribed me the mini pill and just felt my tummy for less than two minutes. She asked me questions about my period. I have to go for a scan in about four weeks. I think that's to scan for PCOS as she said I'm too risky for keyhole surgery to check for endometriosis due to my weight. I was nervous about my appointment but no need xx

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