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So after 18 years, 11 or 12 laps, 3 depo courses and endometrial ablation I am finally facing a hysterectomy next week. I'm terrified!

It not the operation I'm scared off, it's afterwards. It's all the what ifs and similar. I'm scared I'm going to feel no better, I'm scared of the recovery, I'm scared I'll fall apart.

I don't want to feel like this though...I know this is what has to happen next.

Sorry I guess I just needed to put this down somewhere xxx

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When I have mine I'm going to keep an ovary. If the hysterectomy helps then it will be evident afterwards. I would rather hold onto an ovary than go onto HRT as I believe from hormone tests that my ovaries only produce a low level of oestrogen compared to HRT. I am not convinced the hysterectomy they want me to have will help as by that logic zoladex would have worked but I grew endo whilst on zoladex. Is this something to consider?

I completely know what you mean though, it's not that you'll feel less womanly or sad about not being able to have babies, it's the toll it has on your body. I want the protection for my heart and bones still. Recovery is hard but I've heard great things about key hole surgery :) They say it's 6 weeks recovery but I would expect 6 months and you'll be improving the whole time.

Then women like angelina Jolie have it all removed for no reason and completely undermine the situation for women who have no choice. Grrr

Best wishes lovely xxx

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Sorry Angelina Jolie has Brca1 which means she has a very high chance of ovarian cancer up to 40%, to say she has had it removed for no reason is false, i've just had my fallopian tubes removed toprotect myself as best i can due to brca2 i'm 31 so for the moment i realy need my ovaries. All women who have illness diseaae have to make very difficult choices for many different reasons this does not make them any less difficult, i'm now facing the fact they discovered nasty endo while doing something realatively simple surgery, oh and i will put myself through a double mastectomy.


There is a distinct difference between diseases and genes. She doesn't need to have them removed.


An interesting article presenting an opposite viewpoint greenmedinfo.com/blog/bewar...

I think what endopains was driving at is the fact that Jolie does not actually have cancer which could be construed as removing the ovaries for no reason. I can see endopains point. Simply having the gene polymorphism for a particular disease does not mean that disease is inevitable. Our environment and lifestyle are the factors that switch these genes on.

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Wow you have had alot of lapos.. hope all goes well.x my friend had a hystorectomy too and she was totally fine after...x relax your mind and keep calm xx


In 24 hrs I'll be an empty shell. I'm terrified now


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