Can't pass a normal bowel motion - anyone else have this problem?

Hello ladies. I am waiting for a date for my

first lap. One of my many symptoms is that I am continuously constipated and can only pass tiny stools that look like small pellets. Sorry to be so graphic!

I have also been weeing frequently, almost hourly at times. On occasions, I have needed to wee and not passed anything. I haven't felt any pain or discomfort but have felt my bladder does get uncomfortably full a lot sooner than it used to. I have been checked for UTI's but got the all clear but on one occasion the hospital found white blood cells in a urine sample. This was around my period.

When I had an ultrasound the doc said I could have some endo around the bowel??? Anyone had any similar experiences? Thanks ladies xx

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  • I'm having the same experience every month now, it's lasting about seven days, they've given me laxatives but nothing works, I'm doubled over in pain every month, I'm now passing blood when this happens, sorry to be gross, it's not pleasant, my consultant thinks it may of gone onto my bowel too x

  • Thanks for your reply. So sorry to hear about your pain- it's so awful, I really feel for you xx

  • Hi hun

    I have just had my second lap and endo was found on my bladder and bowel. My bowel movements were the same to you but only when i had been taking codeine, that makes you really constipated. What meds are you taking if any? The doc prescribed me laxido which did help after a couple days but trying to manage without the codeine helps the most.

    I also had blood in urine but constantly when tested and always felt like I had a uti but told I didn't have one when test come back so had a cystoscopy done at same time as lap and they found interstitial cystitis, women with endo can get this condition too but it's not very common they said. I don't know much about it tbh apart from what I've searched on Google. I am just waiting for a referral to a urologist to sort it as my endo consultant did the cystoscopy. Blood in urine without uti, bladder filling quickly etc are all symptoms. Hope you haven't got that as it's another incurable disease but might be worth asking for a cystoscopy same time as lap hun xx

  • Hello, thank you for your informative and helpful reply. I am taking codeine and naproxin (from GP) which is rubbish... Ha!,as when pain is bad it just cuts straight through it. Even when I don't take the codeine I still do rabbit poo!! I was joking with my boyfriend saying that mt cat's poo's are bigger than mine!!! Ha . You gotta laugh otherwise you'd end up totally depressed. Hope you don't mind me asking but do you get pain when you wee? Xx

  • Oh what a shame hun its awful not being able to go the toilet. I always just stop taking codeine and go onto my tramadol instead for a few days and my bowels go back to normal till I start the codeine again. It's a nightmare isn't it, we take all these pills to help the pain but then need more pills to help side effects.

    Yes it burns when I wee, not all the time, nothing seems to trigger it, it can last week's to just once in a month, no pattern. Always blood in urine when doc test it but I can't see blood and sore back like kidney pain. Just been docs again today and another urine sample and no infection but lots of blood.

    Hope you get sorted soon hun but I would defo ask for a cystoscopy, easier to have it all done at same time xx

  • I have recently had endo confirmed on my bowel and bladder. Constipation has been a real problem for me too. I have found through trial and error that if I actually ease off high fibre food like all bran, bran flakes, brown bread etc during my period I don't have so much of an issue with pain and being able to go to the loo. I try to have more gentler sources of fibre like in apples and pears. I also have a very gentle laxative called Laxido, it keeps moisture in the stools and makes it easier for them to travel through the bowel. They come in sachets which you mix with water.

    Also, simply trying to keep well hydrated makes everything work better, the pain relief can really dry you out.

    With my bladder I get a general uncomfortable feeling that actually eases when my bladder is fuller.

    The main problem with endo seems to be that every woman's experience is different what works for me might make some one else feel worse, it all seems to be trial and error.

  • Hello Millie. Thank you for your helpful and kind reply. I will try to increase my fruit intake to soften my stools. Can I ask, what symptoms did you experience for your diagnosis and hopefully you are having/ or are scheduled to have treatment soon. This is all new to me and a steep learning curve xx

  • I've suffered for years with ibs as a result of endo. I've found that when I'm constipated a vitamin C supplement az well as a multi-vitamin can get everything moving. Plain yoghurt also helps and enteric coated peppermint oil capsules can also help. Good luck. Exx

  • Hello Emma. Poor us. I am learning so much from everyone on here and it's amazing how this horrille endo impacts on the bowels and digestive system isn't it. ?The other thing that was mentioned to me when I had my scan was diviticulitis as it causes symtoms to IBS. Have they ruled that out in you too? Xx

  • I get the same every month too. Agree with the others comments, I make sure I drink lots of water, and I steer clear or high fibre, and spicy, foods too - seems counter intuitive, but my Mum has Chrones and she was told a lower fibre diet is better for her, and it does seem to help with the pain. I also have live yogurt with a little fruit every day, and drink spearmint tea throughout my periods now. I've not tried any laxatives but that's worth looking into, apparently stool softeners are the better type to take as they don't make the bowels cramp up?

    I've not been officially diagnosed yet, but they suspect I have endo in the abdomen because of my symptoms, am seeing my consultant tomorrow for my first appointment.

  • Helli Melimoo, how did your consultation go? X

  • The only thing that has helped me with this problem was l-glutamine, the amino acid. Research says that low progesterone causes constipation.

  • I had the rabbit droppings thing too - I now take psyllium husks, a natural remedy that you can get from health shops. I have 1 teaspoon mixed in water once a day (or twice if I feel bunged up!). It acts like a gel inside your bowel - expanding to fill it and 'scrape out' any waste. It bulks out so you have normal stools, rather than lots of little pieces. Sorry if TMI!

  • Hi, I felt my pulse quicken reading this, I have exactly the same symptoms! especially the bladder feelings only the bowel problems on occasion although I do frequently get terrible pains deep on the left side by my hip which I think is my large intestine.

    I've had a lap no endo on bladder but my left ovary was adhered to my bowl on the left side. Gynae consultant wasn't really interested about my bladder problems which have always been worse than my pains so I pushed for a referral to a urologist and am waiting for the appointment now. Worried it's something that's not going to be resolved.

  • Hi I have had long standing bowel issues from stage 4 endo and despite some relief after radical excision, 12 months on problems have returned. I have had a range of investigations on my bowel and referred to bio feedback which I found very poor quality and patronising and in the end they just prescribed enemas and drugs. So in desperation I gave up gluten 1 week ago despite knowing I've not got celiac disease as was tested for it BUT the impact on my constipation in just a week has been amazing! I am definitely going to continue as I have never had such good functioning and daily abdominal pain has gone. Maybe worth a try??? Good luck :-)

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