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Does any1 else have problems finding a pill to suit them?

Hey ladies

Hope you are all ok? I went the hospital yesterday as I'm having problems with a pill (qlaira) again but does any1 one else have problems finding a pill to suit them, from what I can remember and what the doctor said I've been on a lot but the one am on now seems to be the best even if I am bleeding at the wrong times but what else is other people on or tried coz I think the amount I've tried is getting silly now I starting to feel like a guinea pig for pills lol xxx

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I'm trying the 12 hour mini pill (cerezatte) at the moment. I can't take the combined pill as it gives me a false pregnancy every 2 weeks. So far so good.


That didn't agree with me lol I was one angry person on that,


None of the pills agreed with me, they either made me swell up down below (sorry if that's tmi) or so angry, paranoid and upset that I couldn't be around anybody. The mirena was no help either - HOWEVER, I did have a 6 month course of injections which made me very happy, less pain and no periods, unfortunately due to family history of osteoporosis I had to be taken off it. I do hope you find a solution that is good for you soon xx


Ye the mirena I had taken out after 6wks. I'm the same with the depo injections too I just get angry and bleed, it's horrible. I just need to find something that's going to work :/


I think nuvaring is d best thing since sliced bread. I get awful side effects from all the other pills and they didn't help the pain, well depo provera did but it also made me psycho. But was pain free for over 4 years on the ring. unfortunately it caught up with me and I'm in constant pain now but I know I wouldn't be able to work without the ring as the page would be more crippling

Others will tell you it's crap but of course we're all different so what works for one blah blah blah


Ha ha ha pain not page. I really should read my posts before submitting :-S


What's the ring I've never heard of it and it's ok I'm bad for spelling too esp with the iPhone x


Nuvaring, Google it. It's the most used contraceptive in Europe. It's a wee plastic ring impregnated wit oestrogen and progesterone u put in your vagina for 3 weeks then have a ring free break like you would with the pill.

U get lower blood levels of the hormones compared with the pill so it's much better tolerated.

Wen I first tried it years ago in Ireland, it's not been long on the market in UK, I didn't like it cos I had cramping all month long but it greatly reduced my period pain. the next time I tried it i gave it a little longer and the cramping went away and my periods stayed pain free, well compared to what I'm used to

I've tried Googling mirena versus nuvaring as was considering mirena but it was a mixed bag of opinions wit some ladies loving one or the other and some hating them.

Think I'll be sticking to my ring tho after my lap. 4 years pain free is evidence enough that for me at least it works


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