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Advice and tips! Baby talk x

Hi all sorry to bother you again with the same stuff but I feel like I've been panned off by the doctors when I went for advice this week. I was on zoladex after my op to remove my endo (it had spread to my ovary and Fallopian tube) I had my last injection and January and my period after brown spotting fully started in sunday. Sunday was awful and was in bed all day with oains but since then it's not actually been anywhere near as bad. To put a long story short I now want to start trying for a baby and just wondering if any body has any tips, I've got ovulation kits and have done a lot of research of the past year but first hand advice would be great. Lots of love x

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First tip is ignore the ovulation kits for now and try to enjoy being with your partner. The more stress you load onto sex the less you will want to do it and the less effective you're going to be. Just try and enjoy it. The current advice is to have sex every other day. After six months if you have no luck I would see my GP but you've just finished zoladex and had excision surgery - you have the best possible chance. Stay positive xxx


The reason why I say enjoy it and don't stress is because I read somewhere the female orgasm is meant to aid in conception too :) it's not essential but any excuse xx


Thank you for your response, everything makes sense, I know stress has a big factor when trying to conceive xx


My advice - Don't use the ovulation kits. They just add stress to what can already be a stressful situation. Use an app (I used 'my days') to help track your cycle if you don't have a regular one. Most people ovulate 14 days before the next period is due, so not necessarily mid cycle. You're actually fertile for 4 to 5 days before ovulation too as sperm can live in the body for days and lie in wait for an egg, so those kits are useless in helping with this. Just have sex 3 times a week, don't time it, just enjoy it. When I eventually fell pregnant after years of trying, the docs reckon I had actually ovulated late that month as they had my due date a week different to me. All my scans confirmed this too. And I'm regular as clockwork! It was only when I accepted I probably wouldn't be a mum, stopped stressing and made the decision that I didn't want ivf, and would be happy with my partner if we remained childless that I actually fell pregnant! I swear that by removing the constant thoughts and stresses of trying to conceive actually helped me conceive. I now have my little miracle 9 month old baby boy. Good luck to you xxx

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Thank you for your reply, my folks tried for ten years to have me and my twin so I know that stress is a big issue and they said that they'd given up trying when we came along! I will use the app, we do have a healthy fun sex life so hopefully this will help as the last thing I want it to turn into is a chore! Ha. Congratulations on your baby 😊 x


Hi, I got told to start trying for a baby after my first lap in 2012. So me and oh tried everything and the stress became unreal. I then decided to get a referral to a doc who I heard was amazing with endo patients, he done every test and a second lap last July to which it was found the endo had spread to my ovaries and pouch of Douglas and ligaments. So at my review he told us we had till January this to get pregnant or we were going for fertility treatment. So we decided to relaxed have fun and enjoy our new house then on the 9th December I found I was 4 weeks pregnant and now have my 20 week scan on Tuesday. So it really can happen just enjoy sex and do it when you want too xx


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