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Advice pleassee :D x

Hey guys ill try and keep this short...so I was diagnosed by lap over a year ago...I have always had really iregualr periods and v.light I could go 6months without and was completely normal to me until a doctor said that was defiantly not normal..I started to experience extremee stomach pains and sex became painful...so a year and a half on after my laps my pains are back I've only had 1 proper period since...I seems to spot v.lightly but very dark brown blood sometimes clots....I've also just found out my sister I haven't ever really known has been told she's infertile...I'm going to try and see a doctor tomorrow for the pain I'm in... But just wanted to see what everyone's else opinions are on what I should do and maybe what I should ask my doctors for....I'm currently on the implant have been for 8/9 months and I'm only 20 years old. My long term boyfriend is very supportive but there only so much pain I can deal with now I'm also extremely exhausted lately I'm finding a days work almost impossible (m a hairdresser) many thanks in advance girlies xxxx

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Hi there

Thank God u have time on your side,your youth is such a blessing-only real advice is get a specialist to examine you-if its endo and you want children try as soon as you can!

Good luck and hope its nothing serious!


Hi thanks for the advise...I had my lap a year ago April just gone and they burnt and removed endo...it very worrying and gets me down seeing as I'm so young and obviously don't ovulate properly...just thankful I've been diagnosed so young so that I can have children and hopefully not miss my time...xx


I have a strong feeling you are going to be absolutely fine-just don't leave baby-making too long!

Love and light on your journey!


Thank you so much that's really cheered me up...:D much love x


Hey hun, same situation and I'm only 17! My gynae wants me to go into menopause to help the pain, I had a lap to diagnose nut that gynae discharged me and this new one refuses to do a lap so I'm stuck not knowing if I can have kids. I have the implant also and it kills me with the periods. they're painful and irregular, at least without this I could guess when I'd be in pain. I am currently trying to decide whether to start trying to have a baby -the one and only- in October as my college course finishes in on 1 July so hopefully it will take a month or so and then I'll give birth in July and be pregnant throughout the course. Or I could have the menopause for as long as my gynae wants and see what happens after.

Sorry for that, you probably didn't need my story but yeah anyway, I hope you get everything you want and need to have beautiful babies!!

Leya xoxox


No it was comforting to see someone else is in my boat...and yet horribl in the same respects...hope you get everything sorted hun I think my problem is I worrry about what everyone else thinks rather than just getting on with it...alot of people have told me to start trying im just waiting for the professionals to tell me what to do which is stupid I guess...im like you so you yet so worried of missing my chances yet ive still got alot I would like to do with my life....the worse thing is my mums getting married next year just hope im not heavily pregnant then hahah xxxxx


As long as its not in the summer as that would be exhausting lol, big belly to carry round in the heat! And yeah, I understand, my gynae said not to get pregnant yet she says if I wait a while I won't get pregnant so she contradicts herself. I'm going to do what I want and what I think is best for me. Sod everyone else lol. Its your body, do what you feel is right. Best of luck whatever you do, pm me if you'd like to chat :) xxxxx


Hi Leya

Sorry to hijack Stinaa's thread but I just read your reply and wanted to reply straight away because it worried me a bit

Nobody can tell you for definite that you will or won't be able to conceive just by doing a lap - they might be able to tell you that it may be difficult, or that it should be easy, but Nature doesn't always play along. I was told after my diagnosis that I would definitely never fall pregnant naturally and guess what - wrong!

Your consultant isn't refusing another lap just to be awkward, they are refusing to do a lap because, particularly when you're young and everything is going mad hormonally, repeated surgeries will ultimately cause more damage than they'll do good, unless there is an acute problem that needs dealing with immediately, such as a cyst that's in danger of bursting.

Although your pregnancy plan sounds wonderful and you've clearly thought it all out - the chances of picking a month to fall pregnant and then falling pregnant that month are tiny, even for ladies without endometriosis. Doctors won't examine your fertility until you've been trying for 12-18 months, because that's how long it normally takes. Not even celebrities with pots of money who are going for sex-selective IVF can plan that. If Nature doesn't want to play ball, it won't. Of course, you could get incredibly lucky, but perhaps it's best not to plan everything around the certainty that it'll happen..

I wish you luck whatever you decide but at 17 your hormones are still settling. Be guided by your gynae, but mostly be prepared for things not to go exactly as you're planning.

Good luck, and lots of love

C xxx


I didn't mean only get pregnant in October, I meant start trying in October, that way 9 months late is July and I'll have finished college so even if it takes 6 months or more it will be after college. Hope that makes more sense now. Thank you for explaining more to me :)

Take care all of you lovely ladies :)

Leya xxx


This was meant for Chrissie66, its showing me I replied to anonymous who's deleted their message, sorry guys xxx


Have they also checked you for pcos? Poly cystic ovary syndrome this can be done with a simple blood test


Stupid doctors just rang 5day in a row to se if they've put me on the system still no!! I mean surely its just a few taps on a computer...really struggling energy wise today im already thinming of a lil nap!! xxxx


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