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2 and a half weeks post op

Just wondering if anyone can help. I had my 2nd laparoscopy 2 and a half weeks ago to remove widespread endo, basically it was covering everything bladder, bowel, wall, ovaries etc etc.

The first week I got a infection in my belly button and doc gave me some antibiotics which cleared it up. The 2nd day of finishing the antibiotics I started going dizzy and felt like I had the flu so i just rested for a few days but ended up feeling worse and then I nearly fainted in the bathroom and everything went black so went to docs, he said my temp was really high and my heart was racing so i had a infection somewhere but not sure where as the one on my belly had cleared up fine.

I finished the antibiotics on Sunday just gone and was feeling much better Sunday and Monday then this morning I woke up with a high temperature again and the dizziness is back. Every time I stand up I feel like I'm going to faint And my head is banging.

My doc isn't in till Friday and the rest of them are no good so I don't want to go the surgery until I can see my usual doc. I've rang the hospital and my consultant is off for 3 weeks now so I'm a bit stuck.

Has anyone else ever had this after surgery that keeps coming back when you finish the antibiotics? I've had 2 lots of antibiotics now,2 infections in 2 weeks and I'm guessing this is another. Something just doesn't seem right to me. I never had this last time I had endo removed a couple years ago.

Any advice would be fab fab thanks

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Hi Hun sorry to hear you are suffering again after your surgery. Surely there are other consultants you could talk to at the hospital. If I was you I would go to a walk in centre or A&E. Take care. Xx


Hi hun. I know I'm so fed up, don't feel like I've even had chance to start recovering yet with all these infections. I did ring the hospital before to see if my consultants registrar was there as he was doing the surgery with my consultant for 3 hours so I'm hoping he might have some ideas what's wrong but no answer so I've left a message, hopefully he'll get back to me tomorrow. A few people have said about a&e but I had my surgery in Stockport and live in blackpool and I don't want to be seen by blackpool as they messed up my first op and stockport is 2 hours away. Nightmare.

I'll try stockport again tomorrow but if not I'll wait to speak to my gp on Friday, just hope it doesn't keep getting worse.

Hate having endo. Feel like I've been ill for so long I just want to start feeling better not keep feeling worse. Hope you are OK thanks for message hun


I know what you mean it crap trying to constantly cope with with disease. I've just started a course of telephone counselling sessions and she has given me very good tips to try to relax and keep positive when possible. I listen to relaxation music and read. She advise me to watch two women called Sharon Saltsbury and Louise Hays on YouTube. take care. Xxx


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